BoomEssays Review 2020

You might be thinking of the best website that offers writing services such as essay writing, research paper writing, dissertation/thesis writing, editing, resume writing, and copywriting. So you decided to seek refuge on the web, and on searching the web, comes up amongst the suggestions from the search results. This boomessays review will tell you things you need to know before considering using the boomessays services.

On this boom essays review we are going to be checking the structure of the website, the pricing of the boomessays services, the quality of their services, and the customer’s reviews on and off the website.

At the end of this article you should be able to decide if you’re going with the boom essays services or not.

Overview of BoomEssays

In this section we’re going to be looking at some questions about what the user ought to know about the service.

So now, what is BoomEssays?

BoomEssays is an essay writing service that offers a variety of writing services such as copywriting, essay writing, research paper writing, dissertation/thesis writing, editing, and resume writing which can be accessed on the internet via the website They claim to have two hundred and seventy-two (272) expert writers hired which are ready to provide the best services of the highest quality and at affordable prices.

The BoomEssays website is quite a user-friendly website and easy to use with a very good interface. They also have this live chat feature on the website that enables the user to chat with a representative from the website if he/she needs help with anything while on the website.

Are they legit?

This is a question that runs through the mind when you’re required to pay for a service, especially when it is online and you have no previous encounter with the service. The question of if BoomEssays is legit or not will be answered by you at the end of this review, I’m very certain this article will guide you straight to the right answer, so all you have to do is to read to the very end.

How does BoomEssays Work?

BoomEssays is an online writing service that helps their clients (most especially students) with their writing jobs. For instance, a student might be too busy to work on his or her term paper and can afford to contract it out to an expert writer to do the job for him or her, BoomEssays provides people in that category several experts as they claimed that will help them finish the job within a slated period and the service will be charged based on the quality of the paper, the number of pages/words, and the nature of the work done. They promise to come up with a plagiarism-free work at its best quality.

Is it safe to use BoomEssays?

Judging from the online BoomEssays reviews from some other review sites, it can be gathered that some of the users of the site are not satisfied with the outcome of the services rendered to them by BoomEssays. Though, some of the reviews on BoomEssays services were positive mostly from the reviews on their website. We have customers praising them for being there to save their lives from miserable projects they had no knowledge about all for some thousands and were delivered in two weeks. We also have some customers complain about cases of plagiarism, bad grammar, very poor writing and so on in their reviews gotten from other review sites since the website will not publish anything that will deface their service. Some of the reviews pointed out that BoomEssays claim to have native English language writers but what they get from them is very unprofessional when it comes to the English language. Though the website promises a 10% refund of the amount paid if the client is dissatisfied with the service being rendered but some users still complain that the website is still very slow with these refunds.

So, we go back to the question of if BoomEssays is safe to use or not. Judging from the Boom Essays users’ reviews, it is strongly advised to stay away from the service and seek other reputable services to help you get your writing jobs done with no stress. Further reading this article will help you make a better judgment if you still want to go with the service or not.

What you should know about BoomEssays (Background Checks)

The website, is owned by R.P WRITINGSMART TECHNOLOGIES LTD, a company in Cyprus as claimed by the website but a credible essay writing review website claims that the information is false and the company is a Ukrainian company known to own or affiliated to various scam websites including review websites like,,,, which are used to publish fake reviews about boomessays and drive in traffic to the website leading a lot of students to their nightmares.

What are the services rendered by

The website claims to offer Essay Writing Services, Research Paper Writing Services, Dissertation Writing Services, Thesis Writing Services, Admission Essay Writing Services, Copywriting, Resume Writing, Math and Science and some additional writing services as highlighted on a dropdown tab on the website.

How do they offer these services?

They help students, both undergraduate and those on the graduate level who are finding it difficult to complete a paper for one reason or the other to complete does paper for a particular amount of money. They claim to have expert writers that can help them get the job done with 100% authenticity at the topmost quality for a very affordable price and the fastest speed of delivery. They also claim to have very good customer service.

How does the pricing look like?

The pricing is on the website is calculated based on some criteria such as the type of service (academic paper writing, rewriting, editing, technical problems, proofreading, copywriting, and the likes), the type of paper (essay, term paper, research paper, coursework, book report, and the likes), the number of pages or words, the academic level (high school, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, Master’s and Doctoral), and the delivery time.

The pricing looks very attractive on the website but looking at it from a different and a very careful angle, it is observed that the prices are not as good as they look considering the lowest price you can get for an essay service on the BoomEssays website is $12.99 for a page with a time frame of 14 days and that is way too much for the budget of a high school student looking for professional help with his or her essay assignment of five or more pages and because there is a very high possibility they don’t get the best quality of work judging by some users reviews.

The website claims to render free services for amendments, bibliography, outline, title page, formatting and plagiarism report which will be totaling 70.94 dollars on a normal day. But most writing services will also do all of it for free, they just had to highlight it to attract the first-timer to their service.

Quality of the Service

The quality of their services is not a problem if you’re willing to spend a good amount for their services. A lot of BoomEssays users’ reviews had positive comments on the quality of their services ranging from good grammar, fast delivery, and quality research works and the fact is that we cannot overlook these comments, so we can deduct that a lot of users are satisfied with the services they got and therefore we can say that their quality is okay if you’re willing to pay for it.

We should not also leave the fact that some users complain about their inability to produce quality essays. A lot of reviews complained about BoomEssays not being able to produce native English writers, a lot also complained of weak essay contents and false referencing and this is very bad for a professional writing service, some other reviews complained about them not meeting the deadline, and the users’ reviews didn’t leave out the fact that their refund service is very bad.

How is’s customer service?

Well, honestly judging from the layout of the website you can say that they made things easily understandable to their potential customers but we have to check through the users’ reviews that contain comments on their customer services to have a real picture of how their customer service looks like.  

From the Boom Essays users’ reviews we were able to deduct that once you experience a problem and you’re trying to get it rectified by the website, you have to go through a very not pleasing encounter. We have users complain about it taking very long for them to get a new writer from BoomEssays after a bad work from the previous writer. We have a lot of users that complained about the way BoomEssays handled their cash-back, most of them were not satisfied with the way the customer service handled their refunds, we have some of them who complained that they have not gotten their refunds in months.

Though we cannot fully judge the customer service by the comments of angry users we can deduce some truth from their comments.

The Website Usability

BoomEssays’ website is very nice, the users’ interface is of top quality, adding to some other features on the website like the live chat agent and the price calculator. They also accept payments from various payment gateways such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Wire Transfer with no hidden charges and a Money-Back Guarantee. Most things a new user needs to know about the service are being highlighted on the website. The website is very attractive and user friendly and can easily lure new customers into doing business with them.

Pros and Cons

Since we’ve discussed some of the features of the BoomEssays Writing Service, we need to highlight the merits and demerits you might encounter from using the service for your essay jobs:


  • They have a very smart user-friendly website that can be easily be understood by any new user
  • They made their service well explained on the website.
  • Their discounts are very attractive.
  • They have two special discounts, one is 15% off for new users with their special code and the other is the life-time discount of as much as 15% depending on the number of pages ordered.
  • They also offer the option of very fast delivery in case the customer is in a haste to finish up the project as fast as possible.
  • Cashback is guaranteed.


  • Their prices are too high and cannot meet the budget of most high school students.
  • The company has a very bad online reputation as it is known to own some fake review websites aimed at driving traffic to BoomEssays.
  • The essays are said to be of very bad quality by the users in terms of the structure, the referencing and the grammar.
  • It takes too long for some of their refunds to be done and they do not refund below 10 dollars.
  • There is a very strong doubt that they have enough native English writers due to the complaints about the grammar used in getting each paper done by some users.
  • High level of plagiarism and very poor referencing are being reported of the service.
The final verdict on BoomsEssays

The company does not have a very convincing reputation judging by what some users had to say about their services and it is strongly advised not to fall into the wrong hands.

For students looking for an online essay writing service and has come across maybe on google search or a search from other internet search engines, it is advised that they keep looking for other services, maybe by reading some essay writing services reviews on the best essay writing services or by asking around from friends that are conversant with online writing service websites.

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