BoomEssays Review 2020

You might be thinking of the best website that offers writing services such as essay writing, research paper writing, dissertation/thesis writing, editing, resume writing, and copywriting. So you decided to seek refuge on the web, and on searching the web, comes up amongst the suggestions from the search results. This boomessays review will tell you things you need to know before considering using the boomessays services.

On this boom essays review we are going to be checking the structure of the website, the pricing of the boomessays services, the quality of their services, and the customer’s reviews on and off the website.

At the end of this article you should be able to decide if you’re going with the boom essays services or not.

Overview of BoomEssays

In this section we’re going to be looking at some questions about what the user ought to know about the service.

So now, what is BoomEssays?

BoomEssays is an essay writing service that offers a variety of writing services such as copywriting, essay writing, research paper writing, dissertation/thesis writing, editing, and resume writing which can be accessed on the internet via the website They claim to have two hundred and seventy-two (272) expert writers hired which are ready to provide the best services of the highest quality and at affordable prices.

The BoomEssays website is quite a user-friendly website and easy to use with a very good interface. They also have this live chat feature on the website that enables the user to chat with a representative from the website if he/she needs help with anything while on the website.

Are they legit?

This is a question that runs through the mind when you’re required to pay for a service, especially when it is online and you have no previous encounter with the service. The question of if BoomEssays is legit or not will be answered by you at the end of this review, I’m very certain this article will guide you straight to the right answer, so all you have to do is to read to the very end.

How does BoomEssays Work?

BoomEssays is an online writing service that helps their clients (most especially students) with their writing jobs. For instance, a student might be too busy to work on his or her term paper and can afford to contract it out to an expert writer to do the job for him or her, BoomEssays provides people in that category several experts as they claimed that will help them finish the job within a slated period and the service will be charged based on the quality of the paper, the number of pages/words, and the nature of the work done. They promise to come up with a plagiarism-free work at its best quality.

Is it safe to use BoomEssays?

Judging from the online BoomEssays reviews from some other review sites, it can be gathered that some of the users of the site are not satisfied with the outcome of the services rendered to them by BoomEssays. Though, some of the reviews on BoomEssays services were positive mostly from the reviews on their website. We have customers praising them for being there to save their lives from miserable projects they had no knowledge about all for some thousands and were delivered in two weeks. We also have some customers complain about cases of plagiarism, bad grammar, very poor writing and so on in their reviews gotten from other review sites since the website will not publish anything that will deface their service. Some of the reviews pointed out that BoomEssays claim to have native English language writers but what they get from them is very unprofessional when it comes to the English language. Though the website promises a 10% refund of the amount paid if the client is dissatisfied with the service being rendered but some users still complain that the website is still very slow with these refunds.

So, we go back to the question of if BoomEssays is safe to use or not. Judging from the Boom Essays users’ reviews, it is strongly advised to stay away from the service and seek other reputable services to help you get your writing jobs done with no stress. Further reading this article will help you make a better judgment if you still want to go with the service or not.

What you should know about BoomEssays (Background Checks)

The website, is owned by R.P WRITINGSMART TECHNOLOGIES LTD, a company in Cyprus as claimed by the website but a credible essay writing review website claims that the information is false and the company is a Ukrainian company known to own or affiliated to various scam websites including review websites like,,,, which are used to publish fake reviews about boomessays and drive in traffic to the website leading a lot of students to their nightmares.

What are the services rendered by

The website claims to offer Essay Writing Services, Research Paper Writing Services, Dissertation Writing Services, Thesis Writing Services, Admission Essay Writing Services, Copywriting, Resume Writing, Math and Science and some additional writing services as highlighted on a dropdown tab on the website.

How do they offer these services?

They help students, both undergraduate and those on the graduate level who are finding it difficult to complete a paper for one reason or the other to complete does paper for a particular amount of money. They claim to have expert writers that can help them get the job done with 100% authenticity at the topmost quality for a very affordable price and the fastest speed of delivery. They also claim to have very good customer service.

How does the pricing look like?

The pricing is on the website is calculated based on some criteria such as the type of service (academic paper writing, rewriting, editing, technical problems, proofreading, copywriting, and the likes), the type of paper (essay, term paper, research paper, coursework, book report, and the likes), the number of pages or words, the academic level (high school, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, Master’s and Doctoral), and the delivery time.

The pricing looks very attractive on the website but looking at it from a different and a very careful angle, it is observed that the prices are not as good as they look considering the lowest price you can get for an essay service on the BoomEssays website is $12.99 for a page with a time frame of 14 days and that is way too much for the budget of a high school student looking for professional help with his or her essay assignment of five or more pages and because there is a very high possibility they don’t get the best quality of work judging by some users reviews.

The website claims to render free services for amendments, bibliography, outline, title page, formatting and plagiarism report which will be totaling 70.94 dollars on a normal day. But most writing services will also do all of it for free, they just had to highlight it to attract the first-timer to their service.

Quality of the Service

The quality of their services is not a problem if you’re willing to spend a good amount for their services. A lot of BoomEssays users’ reviews had positive comments on the quality of their services ranging from good grammar, fast delivery, and quality research works and the fact is that we cannot overlook these comments, so we can deduct that a lot of users are satisfied with the services they got and therefore we can say that their quality is okay if you’re willing to pay for it.

We should not also leave the fact that some users complain about their inability to produce quality essays. A lot of reviews complained about BoomEssays not being able to produce native English writers, a lot also complained of weak essay contents and false referencing and this is very bad for a professional writing service, some other reviews complained about them not meeting the deadline, and the users’ reviews didn’t leave out the fact that their refund service is very bad.

How is’s customer service?

Well, honestly judging from the layout of the website you can say that they made things easily understandable to their potential customers but we have to check through the users’ reviews that contain comments on their customer services to have a real picture of how their customer service looks like.  

From the Boom Essays users’ reviews we were able to deduct that once you experience a problem and you’re trying to get it rectified by the website, you have to go through a very not pleasing encounter. We have users complain about it taking very long for them to get a new writer from BoomEssays after a bad work from the previous writer. We have a lot of users that complained about the way BoomEssays handled their cash-back, most of them were not satisfied with the way the customer service handled their refunds, we have some of them who complained that they have not gotten their refunds in months.

Though we cannot fully judge the customer service by the comments of angry users we can deduce some truth from their comments.

The Website Usability

BoomEssays’ website is very nice, the users’ interface is of top quality, adding to some other features on the website like the live chat agent and the price calculator. They also accept payments from various payment gateways such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Wire Transfer with no hidden charges and a Money-Back Guarantee. Most things a new user needs to know about the service are being highlighted on the website. The website is very attractive and user friendly and can easily lure new customers into doing business with them.

Pros and Cons

Since we’ve discussed some of the features of the BoomEssays Writing Service, we need to highlight the merits and demerits you might encounter from using the service for your essay jobs:


  • They have a very smart user-friendly website that can be easily be understood by any new user
  • They made their service well explained on the website.
  • Their discounts are very attractive.
  • They have two special discounts, one is 15% off for new users with their special code and the other is the life-time discount of as much as 15% depending on the number of pages ordered.
  • They also offer the option of very fast delivery in case the customer is in a haste to finish up the project as fast as possible.
  • Cashback is guaranteed.


  • Their prices are too high and cannot meet the budget of most high school students.
  • The company has a very bad online reputation as it is known to own some fake review websites aimed at driving traffic to BoomEssays.
  • The essays are said to be of very bad quality by the users in terms of the structure, the referencing and the grammar.
  • It takes too long for some of their refunds to be done and they do not refund below 10 dollars.
  • There is a very strong doubt that they have enough native English writers due to the complaints about the grammar used in getting each paper done by some users.
  • High level of plagiarism and very poor referencing are being reported of the service.
The final verdict on BoomsEssays

The company does not have a very convincing reputation judging by what some users had to say about their services and it is strongly advised not to fall into the wrong hands.

For students looking for an online essay writing service and has come across maybe on google search or a search from other internet search engines, it is advised that they keep looking for other services, maybe by reading some essay writing services reviews on the best essay writing services or by asking around from friends that are conversant with online writing service websites.


Academized Review 2020

It can be pretty hard to finish every single school assignment you get on time. In case you’re working part-time, you don’t like a particular subject, or feel extremely tired after going to class all day, there’s a good chance you’ll want to hire someone to do the assignment for you. Nowadays, there are a number of different writing services that offer students help with academic papers. Since there are so many essay writing services on the internet, it’s important that you don’t send money to the first organization you find. Instead, try to do a little digging to see whether the website is legit.

If you want to determine whether a writing service is good, you’ll need to go beyond their front page and see what other people have to say about them. But if you don’t have the time to do your assignment, you may also be too busy to analyze online writing services. Thankfully, we did this for you. Make sure to check out our peer review on Academized before making an order. Some of the criteria we judged the website on include their online reputation, the types of services they provide, the ordering process, pricing, quality of work, and guarantees. Overview

Academized is an academic writing service that specializes in creating academic papers for students in both high school and college. They can use this service if they don’t have the time or energy to complete a certain task.

Using this service is simple, all you have to do is go on their website and click on their big, orange “Order Now” button. Once you do this, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can select the type of service you need, the subject area of the paper, as well as the topic. You can choose the academic level of the paper, the format, the number of sources you want, the number of pages the paper has to be, and the deadline. The price of the paper depends on the academic level, number of pages, and the deadline. In case you want to hire a UK writer, you will pay 10% more.

Everything looks good when you visit their website, but is Academized legit? There are a number of problems associated with this writing service that we’ll get into later on in the review. For now, all that you need to know is that this website doesn’t have quite the favorable reputation. Nevertheless, it’s still a somewhat popular service that gets a decent amount of orders. Today, we’re going to see what makes them alluring to students in the US and abroad.

Academized Story

You can’t find a lot of information about Academized online. The “About Us” page on their website notes that their mission is to help students from around the world. They claim they offer outstanding academic writing services that are provided by professional writers. This would be great if it were true, but if you visit the “Our Writers” page, you may start feeling a little skeptical. After all, you don’t have a lot to judge the writers on apart from their supposed rating and the vague and overly-positive reviews left by anonymous customers.

Unfortunately, you won’t get any specific information about their team of writers. Instead of providing potential customers with specific information about their writers, they simply note that their “writers are experts in their fields, and all hold academic qualifications.” These claims can be refuted by the large number of negative reviews people have left online, which we’ll get into later.

Services at Academized

There are several different types of services that the writing team on this website offers. You can enlist their help if you need assistance with academic paper writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading, and math/physic/statistic/economic problems. The most popular service on the website is without a doubt academic paper writing. It doesn’t matter if you need assistance with your essays, research papers, book reports, term papers, or research summaries, the Academized writing team will help you finish your assignment.

Pricing at Academized

When it comes to online writing services, Academized is fair and affordable. However, know that it will become expensive if you need the paper urgently. If you want your assignment to be done within 3 hours, you will need to spend $41.99 per page. In case you only need someone to proofread your paper, you will pay just $4.99 per page. Editing costs a dollar more than proofreading by page. If you need a paper that deals with math/statistic/physic/economic problems, you’ll have to pay at least $20.99 per page.

Compared to other similar services, Academized is not expensive. In fact, some may consider it cheap. What makes it even more alluring is that they offer discounts to their loyal members. If you go to their website and click on the “Discounts” page, you’ll see their special offers. First of all, they give a 15% discount to anyone who places their first order with the code provided on the website. In case you order at least 15 pages in total, you will get a 5% lifetime discount on all future purchases. When you reach 50 ordered pages, you’ll get a 10% lifetime discount. Finally, you’re eligible for a 15% lifetime discount after ordering at least 100 pages in total.

Payment Methods at Academized

There are four different payment methods available on the website. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. The payments are safe and secured, and you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges. It’s worth mentioning that this academic writing service offers money-back guarantees. This may initially seem like a good feature, but if you actually take a closer look at their rules for guarantees, you’ll be discouraged from using this service.

In the event that you receive a bad quality paper and want your money back, you should provide the company details why you’re not satisfied. However, if you had previously sent the text for a revision and you file a bad quality claim you will get no more than 70% of the full price. This is because, as Academized claims, a request for revision means that the customer partially approved of the paper.

It’s also important to mention that your claims won’t ever be considered valid if you receive a bad grade. Academized clearly states that the paper you receive is for reference purposes only and shouldn’t be submitted as it is. Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues associated with this writing service is that they’re often late with their work. If the company fails to deliver the paper on time, you will get a 7% compensation. Although this may sound good if they were a few hours or a day late, it means that you might get a 7% compensation even if they deliver the paper even two weeks after the deadline. By this time, you might’ve already had to submit your assignment.

Keep in mind that you can cancel an order if you want to. In case you do this before a writer gets assigned to do the project, you’ll get all of your money back. If a writer is already assigned, you will get up to 70% of your money back. If more than half the deadline goes by and you decide to cancel the order, you’ll only receive half of what you paid.

Quality of Academized Services

When you go to the front page of the Academized website, you’ll see they claim the average quality score of their work is 4.94 out of 5. Although this looks fishy, most people know how important it is to do thorough research on the company and not just believe what it claims. However, when you search for Academized reviews, you might find some unreliable information on other websites. After a bit of digging online, you can clearly see that this company pays people to leave them overwhelmingly positive reviews on different websites. They likely do this to try and attract as many new customers as possible.

After going through the short and obvious paid reviews of the website, you can find honest and lengthy feedback from real people. In most cases, people note that you receive a paper that looks like it wasn’t even written by a native English speaker. There is a good chance the company is outsourcing the work to writers in developing countries that work for a small salary. Almost every lengthy and negative Academized review notes how the company failed to deliver the paper on time. Based on what others have experienced, it’s safe to safe that the writers that work for Academized miss deadlines frequently.

But even if you receive a paper that initially looks good, you should still be careful and take precautions to ensure you don’t get a bad grade. This means checking whether the text is plagiarized. A lot of people mentioned how the papers they received had portions of text copied from online sources. Keep in mind that every professor strongly dislikes plagiarism and will remember if you submit copied work. Therefore, you shouldn’t blindly submit the paper you receive. Take the time to check whether everything is okay with the text before sending it to your professor.

Customer Service at

The customer service Academized offers is far from good. You basically have three different ways to reach their customer support team. One of your options is to call the phone number posted on their website. However, know that it will take a while before someone answers. Your second option is to use their Live Chat. Nevertheless, it can take a long time before your request gets processed.

They usually say that they can’t get to you because so many other customers are trying to reach them as well, but we find that hard to believe. Finally, you can send them an email. This may be the best way to reach the customer service team. When they do reply to you, they’re usually quite kind and helpful. Website Usability

When you visit the Academized website, you can easily find whatever you’re looking for. In fact, you can even fill the basic information in your order on the homepage. It’s quite easy to navigate the website and see the prices, discounts, and get to know more about the services they provide. Placing an order can be done within several minutes if you know exactly what you want. You just select the type of service you want, add details about your paper, select the academic level, enter the number of pages you need, and set the deadline. Once you do this, you can complete the order and pay quickly.

Pros and Cons


  • They have samples available on their website.
  • You can get part of your payment back if you cancel your order.
  • It’s an affordable service and the company offers discounts to loyal members.
  • They have free features you can use on their website.
  • You will get compensated if they deliver the paper late.
  • You have the option of choosing which writer you’ll hire.


  • The company has non-native English writers.
  • You will likely receive bad quality papers.
  • It can be hard to get ahold of their customer support team.
  • There are no details, qualifications, nor photos of writers displayed on the website.
  • The writers often don’t submit papers on time.
  • You’ll sometimes receive plagiarized text.

So, is Academized good? The service may look like a great service when you visit their website, but it is actually a scam. That’s not to say that they’ll just take your money and ignore you. Although you will receive a paper, it will almost certainly be poorly written and in many cases plagiarized. This can be a huge problem for students who forget to check whether the text is plagiarized, which may lead to more than just a bad grade.

On their website, you can see them mentioning how their writers are experts and all hold academic qualifications. However, most people have received papers filled with grammar errors, poorly formatted text, plagiarism, and sentences that don’t make sense. If you’re a student who can’t finish a paper on time and need assistance, it’s best that you avoid Academized.


EssayVikings Review 2020

In recent years, essay writing services have become popular with students and other professionals. While there are many companies, very few companies are truly reliable. It often takes a bit of research to find a good company.

This company has partnership programs in Canada, Australia, UK and US.


Academic writing services focus on just one thing: writing academic papers. But if you try out a few companies, you will find that the quality of content is not the same. has already gained a reputation as a provider of high-quality content. The company really wants to help students who do not have enough time to write their academic papers.

To ensure reliability and accuracy, uses a few amazing features. It has a huge customer base that includes students and other professionals from all over the world. Now we are going to focus on a few aspects of the company.

What is EssayVikings?

In recent years, it has become a leading company of its type and gained huge popularity among students and other professionals who sometimes need to get their papers written.

The company is popular with not only students but also many other professionals. The business policy of this writing service is to provide high-quality content at a relatively low price and grow its customer base. It seems this business model has worked very well.  

Is EssayVikings legit?

You have probably heard that some writing services are scams. But there is no chance that you will hear about EssayVikings scams. They simply do not take place. 

Also, you will not have to deal with the problem of plagiarism when you are using the services of Plagiarism is impossible because the company is very strict about the quality of its writers. 

The site is completely legit, and there are good reasons why students and other professionals are using writing services these days. If you think deeply about it, you will find that this business has a moral ground.

EssayVikings scams?

It is not easy to find affordable and qualified writing service. Even if you find one, you often have to deal with scams. If you already have an unpleasant experience with a writing service, you may find it hard to believe that companies with good intentions really exist. 

But the fact is, with EssayVikings, you will not have to face this issue. You will never hear of Viking client services scam because such things simply do not happen. You can expect to receive what you were paying for.

EssayVikings is one of the safest writing services you can find online. This is part of the reason why the company has a huge customer base. Students who buy papers from this service usually come back when they need service again. 

How does EssayVikings work?

Placing an order is super easy because EssayVikings has a user-friendly design. Using the drop-down list, you can easily find the service you’re looking for. The procedure is intuitive, and you will be able to place your other even if you have never used a writing service. 

Regardless of what type of essay you need, the chances are that you will end up finding an amazing writer. It really works in a very easy-to-understand way, and you will like the way the company takes your orders. 

Is EssayVikings good? 

There are plenty of reasons to say that EssayVikings is better than most of its strong competitors. If you know a thing or two about writing services, you know it well that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get high quality services. You just have to do your research.

Once you have placed an order, you can expect to receive error free and high quality papers in a timely manner. Another great thing about this writing service is that it allows you to ask for revisions, which means the company puts a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction. Once the task is submitted, you can rate the writer based on your level of satisfaction. 

If you need to get an essay written within a short span of time, EssayVikings is a great choice. Writers who work for this company are highly skilled and they know what they are doing. The company respects your deadlines. What you have to do is to be clear and specific about your requirements. 

Is EssayVikings safe?

EssayVikings is among the safest writing services around, partly because it offers a money back guarantee. Yes, their Terms of Use include a refund policy. 

If you receive low quality content, you can submit a request for a refund. However, you will have to prove that the content is not good. You will have to submit the request within 3 days after receiving the paper. 

The company has been around for a while and has a strong customer base. If you read some customer reviews, you will learn that the vast majority of its customers are very happy with the services. 

There is a simple reason why EssayVikings is now among the best essay writing services around. The company puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of its services. Many writers working for this writing service are experts in their own fields.

Besides, the company always tries to keep its bidding rates low. These strategies have helped EssayVikings outperform many of its strong competitors, and the company has emerged as one of the best essay writing services. 

Scams may take place in rare cases, but they are not the norm. They are just isolated cases. When it comes to the question of safety, very few writing services are as reliable as


It is not easy to trust someone else with your papers. After all, you are hiring someone to handle an academic paper that you are supposed to write. You want the paper to be flawless and authentic so that you can get good grades. And if you end up using plagiarized content, you will get in trouble. 

The Internet is teeming with numerous writing services, and every one of them is claiming to be the best. EssayVikings was established with aspiration, and that is to provide high quality essays. With constant success, the company has emerged as a leading writing service provider. From the company’s record, it is clear that the company will achieve more success in the future. 


The company provides all types of academic and professional writing. No matter what type of paper you need to get written, you will find a writer experienced in that particular field. The company also has professional writers who provide business writing.

The writers also work on press releases, business plans and market reports. There are many professional experts working for the company, and that is why the company is capable of providing any type of content.

EssayVikings provides original and authentic papers. Before a paper is submitted to you, it is run through a plagiarism checker. You can even get your papers proofread by the professional writers working for the website.

Getting in touch with the company

It is true that most customers prefer writing services based in UK or USA. But EssayVikings is based in Cyprus, and unfortunately, the company can not be contacted by phone. You can communicate with them only via email or live chat. Some students may feel a bit discouraged by this information, but the fact is: the company is very serious about customer satisfaction.

It is unclear why the firm does not provide phone numbers. The firm probably wants to avoid the bad reactions of angry or dissatisfied customers. But this is the worst case scenario, and it does not seem to happen often.

However, providing a phone number is not the only sign of a good writing service. This is an online platform, and therefore using email and live chat is acceptable. It does not really matter whether the company provides a phone number. The only thing that matters is customer satisfaction, and EssayVikings is very serious about it.


With a risk-free payment system, EssayVikings offers papers at competitive rates. The website does not share your personal information with any third party, and in this sense, this is a trustworthy company. When it comes to paying for your paper, there are a few payment methods to choose from.

They receive your payments only when you are happy with your papers. If the paper is not written according to your instructions, you can ask for revisions. And if it still fails to meet your requirements, you can request a refund.

The website charges an average price of $18 per page. If it is a long assignment, the price may be a bit steep. If you have a very tight deadline, the price will go up. In some cases, the price is negotiable. If you read some EssayVikings reviews, you will learn that most customers are very satisfied with the prices.


EssayVikings allows you to use widely accepted payment methods such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard and Discover. With so many ways to pay for your order, you will not have any problem with payment methods.


Before placing an order, you can see the profiles of writers and know their work history and success rates. You can also know how many tasks a particular writer has completed. The quality of an academic paper, to some extent, depends on how clearly you state the requirements.

If the line of communication is smooth, you will receive a high quality paper. It is also important to choose the right person to get the job done. However, there is little risk of choosing the wrong person, because when you talk to the writer, you will know whether he is the right person to do the job.

Now students from all over the world rely on Vikings writers. Once you have placed an order, you can expect to receive a high-quality paper. After all, quality is the reason why this website has built such a huge customer base.

Customer service

Your papers are important to you, and EssayVikings understand it. The company understands that you will need to communicate with your writer throughout the process, and that is why it provides 24/7 customer support.

When you ask something, real people, not chatbots, answer your questions. High-quality customer service is a prerequisite for any service-based online business, and that is why EssayVikings has taken customer support very seriously.

Whenever something goes wrong, you can expect to get customer service. The company has a huge number of customers, and that is why sometimes you may have to wait for a while to get replies to your queries. The website also has a FAQ section where you can easily find answers to frequently asked questions.

Website usability

One of the notable things about this writing service is that it has a visually appealing website. When you visit the website, probably the first thing you will notice is the Viking, the theme character. Although it can appeal to the audience, it is not clear why Viking is the theme character here.

The website is well-structured and easy to use. The site will not confuse you because there is no unnecessary information. It is designed to save your time and help you find what you are looking for with the least effort.

This intuitive design will help you place your order quickly, even if you have never used a writing service. The procedure is simple, and you do not need any technical knowledge to place an order.

Should you pick this service?

When using a writing service, you do not need to spend a lot of money. By doing some research, you can find a writing service that offers high-quality essays at reasonable prices. The high price tag is not the only sign of a good writing service.

One of the best things about this company is that it allows you to ask for revisions until you are completely satisfied with the work. You pay only when you think you can use the paper.

If you have a really tight deadline, EssayVikings is probably the best writing service to choose. In a ridiculously tight deadline, you may need to compromise the quality, but you can expect the writer to respect your deadline.

When you choose reliable writing service, you do not have to worry about scams, and that gives you some peace of mind. For all these reasons, EssayVikings is a really good choice. Just read an EssayVikings review and you will find plenty of other reasons!

Pros and cons

While EssayVikings is one of the best writing services online, it has some drawbacks. Now we are going to point out the major pros and cons of the website:


  • Quality content
  • Payment after receipt
  • Many different types of writing services
  • Safe payment options
  • Sample Essays
  • 24/7 customer service


  • High prices for the best quality papers
  • Some profiles do not look authentic
  • No fixed prices
  • No extra services
  • Not enough reviews of the website
  • Customer service could be better

When choosing writing services, most people look for good feedback and low prices. EssayVikings is better than most other writing services in terms of feedback and pricing. Providing original and plagiarism-free content is another reason for its popularity. The website does not share the information of its customers with any third party, and that is another great thing. is undoubtedly one of the best writing services.


WritersPerHour Review 2020

One of the subjects that flourished in the past decade when referring to some of the benefits that Internet development has brought is the possibility to externalize school assignments to a professional writer, which might aid in avoiding the stress of meeting a deadline. However, as it happened with most interesting ideas, this industry has also been overwhelmed with less trustworthy personae, making it difficult to navigate through a wide amount of scammers, to find the true professionals that make your money’s worth. Also, this is precisely the reason why we feel that an unbiased overview of this field might help those looking for such a service, choose more appropriate to their needs and expectations.

On that note, we’re offering in what follows the Writersperhour review, revealing the pros and cons of choosing this particular website. In reviewing this site, we’ve based our appreciation on the same criteria we use throughout all our opinions, which we follow in order to maintain the objectivity we pride ourselves in.

Thus, our review is trying to find out whether authenticity is an important trait for the site, as well as for the professional writers employed. We are interested in the services put at their clients’ disposal, whether deadlines are met if indications respected. It’s also important for us to see if there is the flexibility to change the work done, openness for feedback and adaptability when receiving additional request in the meantime.

Besides the quality of the service, we take into account the pricing to see if it matches the end result offered to customers. Also, we put under security characteristic of the site itself, such as its usability, user-friendliness, the payment options accepted and the promptitude and professionalism of their customer service department. We feel that discovering all of these traits might help anyone have a clear and unbiased overview of any particular essay writing service.


Getting straight in the midst of our subject at hand, we find right at the top that WritersPerHour is one of the above mentioned professional writing services. Its objective is straightforward, to get paid for helping people write essays on various themes for different academic levels while respecting the indications given.

The first thing people are interested in when talking about any kind of paid service is whether the site presents itself as a legit business. On that matter, we have no reservations, as WritersPerHour belongs to a legit company, New York-based, named RRKN Research Holdings LTD. The company which operates the site has a good privacy policy put in place based on multiple security measures. First, they impose rules which govern the personal data security issue for US residents while adapting them to abide European laws, particularly those referring to the GDPR. The customers’ personal data aren’t used other than for the mentioned purpose. Also, the site has instated SSL encryption, other anti-malware software and firewalls, in order to protect the financial information, as well.

From the point of view of those who employ writers, there are two additional concerns they face: the authenticity of the essays and the confidentiality of personal details. Thus, WriterPerHour stipulates that the identity of those requesting the works is not to be revealed anywhere. Also, they assure that essays undergo strict plagiarism checks and always hand out completely new and authentic papers.

The process for submitting a request is quite simple, following these easy steps:

  • There is a form which has to be filled online with the specifics that the student needs for the paper at hand
  • A cost is calculated based on the number of pages, words, difficulty and deadline, which the customer must pay
  • The final essay is sent through email, according to the specified deadline

To sum up, about whether WritersPerHour is legit or not, we can clearly state that it’s not a scam, but an authentic service, which, in principle, does as it says. However, we should turn our attention to whether the quality of the work is as advertised. They insist their writers are hand-picked professionals and that they undergo a strict vetting process, which stands as a testimonial of the quality the website ensures in return for the money they ask. We’ll see in what follows that there are some inconsistencies that make us question some of their initial statements, as found on their website.  


On the history of the website or of the company which owns and operates it, we aren’t given any details, which in itself is an odd strategy to create a trusty relationship with the potential, first-time customers.

However, we can get the idea that the site is up and running since at least May 2015, given that the oldest post in the Blog section of the website is dated as such. Not even the terms of use handout any more information on these aspects, although the privacy policy is exhaustive enough. It comes as a strange mix between focusing on some of the important issues which impact customers while leaving out data on the company itself, much easier to mention.


In regard to the services offered, they are clearly centered on the idea of creating authentic and of high-quality academic papers for different levels of study. The list contains 36 types of services, out of which we mention:

  • Writing papers, case studies, thesis, assignments, English essays, urgent essays, letters, dissertations, PhD papers and MBA essays
  • Writing specific themed papers, such as biology essays, movie reviews, lab reports, personal statements, psychology papers, article reviews and book reports
  • Some options or available only for purchase, such as term papers, capstone project, coursework, college paper, high school essays, reports or nursing essays
  • Also, some additional services are mentioned: doing Powerpoint, editing papers, help with speech writing

One thing that each of these services has in common refers to the highly-prepared professional writers that are going to take on to the tasks set to them. They are presented in terms of being experts in various fields, as well as in multiple writing formats. The range which these writers go through is from being able to use language specific to high school students all the way to MBA or PhD literates.

One of the downsides is that customers can’t really choose a particular writer based on the resume, or on samples submitted, meaning you’re stuck with the style and experience of that which the site automatically assigns

Another strange thing is that the site doesn’t give any example of a specific writer, doesn’t present any sort of resume for the writers employed, which would make a potential customer trust that the given task is truly in the hands of an expert in the field that the paper makes reference to. This peculiarity, combined with the no refund policy, could definitely raise the alarm for most users.


The cost of any paper is calculated based on 3 factors: the number of pages/words required, the academic level to write at and on how pressing the deadline is. Thus, the most urgent essays require at least 5 hours and are the most expensive, going from 33.99 USD per page, for high school level, to 79.99 USD for each page written at a Doctoral level.

The least expensive options are those due in 30 days, a customer having to pay $11.99 for each page of a high school task, to $27.99 for doctoral level assignment. These prices also include some free services, such as the title and reference pages, choosing the necessary formatting style, getting a plagiarism report and having unlimited revisions until the task fits the expressed indications.

WritersPerHour also hands out two discounts:

  • For the first order, customers receive 15% off
  • Regular clients have a 20% discount for their submitted requests

The price is a real issue, as it seems pretty steep, definitely being above the average of this domain of activity. The fact that they actually state having the lowest price in the market is an actual problem, seeming as false advertising and making us wonder what else is not according to their own statements.


The banking methods available for paying the asked-for papers are:

  • E-wallets represented solely by PayPal
  • Credit cards, where there is a wider array, accepting cards branded Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover


On this aspect, there are some red flags raised when browsing through the Writerspehour reviews available. There are two contrasting opinions that circulate among users, with completely opposite feedback given. There seems to be no middle ground, as users say they are either completely disappointed, either entirely happy with the services provided. This is a normal reaction, as it’s a subjective opinion, however, the alarm signal goes on when we don’t hear about any neutral voices, or some to acknowledge both pros and cons, making us wonder about the veracity of the feedback gathered from customers.

The same question marks appear when going through the testimonials on the site itself: the first four opinions are completely against the site, mentioning a poor customer support service and low quality of the papers. Also, the testimonials finish abruptly in the mid-phrase and there is no way to find out what the user actually had to say. This changes drastically after these first unsatisfied customers, everybody having only praise for the service, with nothing to reproach and hand out, almost without exception, 5 stars mention of the excellent experience. We’d like it a lot if such a prompt and complete turnover would have happened in reality, but we maintain our reserves on the matter.

Customer Service

There are several ways to contact the customer support representatives, but unfortunately, none of them are available 24 hours. The operators are available on live chat, via phone, or email. These services only function between 10AM and 5PM, which is, in fact, a short window, especially for those who attend classes during this period. Furthermore, given that the site operates in the New York time zone, but it addresses customers from Europe and Australia, as well, it reduces in a great manner the period in which customer support can be reached.

Website Usability

The website is pretty user-friendly and the better part of the necessary information is easy to find, even though, as shown before, there are some data that are completely absent on the site. The main page presents an extended presentation of the offered services and a detailed description of what the website stands for. Also, there are two fast links towards the login into the account section and to the quick order form.

The website’s menu has shortcuts to different sections, such as: the benefits of using the WriterPerHour services, FAQ, prices, samples of papers, blog and contact info. These make it pretty straightforward to navigate the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Organized privacy policy
  • User-friendly interface and easy to navigate website
  • Extended array of services
  • Price depending on the academic level required
  • Discounts for first order and for loyal clients
  • Banking methods include PayPal


  • Company’s history and credentials not mentioned
  • Biased testimonials
  • Highly contradicting users’ feedback
  • Price in the above-average interval
  • Unable to select a specific writer
  • Customer service unavailable 24/7 

The impact of a bad designed home page, abundant in information, is sufficient to get people not interested in digging deeper into the subject. And the detailed recollection of their services is precisely what anyone with a paper to write would like to see. However, going deeper than the first impression, we’ve found several inconsistencies: both in the presentation of their work and referring to the quality of provided papers.

As such, the fact that we get no recollection of the owner-company is troublesome, probably it’s just another scam. The mention of having the lowest prices in the market is a grave slip up we can’t get over, especially since we found it to be far from the truth. This aspect has us inclined to believe the negative feedbacks of former customers, rather than those praising the excellency of this service, with a handful being obviously biased in favor.

There are other negative traits that pile on, out of which the precarious customer service stands out and convinces us to give a very bad recommendation of WritersPerHour, or at least a signal of using the other service and stay away from this one.


Ultius Review 2020

Writing services have become more than a way to evade doing homework, but rather a means to alleviate stress and channel focus towards the priorities of the chosen academic path, instead of wasting time on unnecessary tasks. We’re completely in favor of wisely using these services and salute the idea behind them. However, as it happens most of the time with a great idea, many operators don’t fully grasp it and go on to implementing it erroneously. We’ve taken upon ourselves to look at the most renowned websites in this industry and establish if they’re worth the time and effort. Hence, the present Ultius review has materialized.

We examine websites from an objective perspective, based on our own experience, as well as on those mentioned by other paying users. The criteria we observe, refer to the safety measures implemented, the services offered and how their price is consistent with their quality, how helpful is the customer support department and how user-friendly the website presents itself.


In their own words, Ultius inc. has the self-imposed mission to meet supply and demand in the essay writing industry. It does that by operating the platform where top English-native writers successfully get together with students having varied academic levels of knowledge for offering services consisting in writing papers and other related tasks. The company’s motto focuses on three important traits: convenience, high-quality content and professional customer support.

Seeing how the way they present themselves is near perfection, we’ve created our review to challenge their claims and see if they continue to stand tall. The first thing customers wonder after seeing this sort of self-appraisal is to establish whether is Ultius legal or just another phantom website, as many have proven to be, especially in the field of online professional writing services. On this topic, we can attest that Ultius is a genuine company, even one who has known an interesting expansion from a one-employed business operating in their headquarters in Delaware, to a regular name in the field, owning satellite locations in Washington, Illinois, Kentucky and Florida.

One can rest assured about Ultius being a scam, seeing how they accomplish the main purpose that customers pay it to do, which is writing a paper, according to their instructions. There are some questions on the quality of the work, the seriousness of the writers, or even on their claims of being English native speakers, but these are matters to attend in the following sections of our review.

After settling that Ultius is legit, we can also address the issue of it being safe, which follows two separate points of view:

  • The security of personal information. The website operator provides several layers for protecting the customers’ data, alongside the site’s integrity. This means secure data access PINs, multiple layered authentication, SSL encryption, just to name a few.
  • Protection of all financial transactions. The 256 SSL encryption instated throughout the entire website applies to monetary operations, as well. Also, the payment methods accepted are among the most famous in the world, have proven their trustworthiness in time and come with additional security measures of their own.

One of the measures taken to protect customers was implementing Ultius Identity Verification, only for certain payments that fit criteria such as surpassing certain USD amounts, dubious patterns, or fake profiles. UIV requires a photo ID and payment method used and the financial data is stored for 90 days.

As for how Ultius actually works, things are easy-going in a few intuitive steps:

  • Filling the form with all the necessary details to get the job done
  • Submit that request
  • Pay for the task
  • A writer is appointed to the task
  • Throughout the task, the writer can ask for additional details, provided the initial ones weren’t enough
  • After finished, the paper is additionally reviewed by internal editors
  • The finalized essay is handed to the customer
  • Optional revisions can be asked for as the final steps of the process


The history of Ultius, inc. starts in 2010, along with several other paper writing services, some of which have been proven to be scams, while others thrived on. The name of the company comes from Latin and it refers to a thing which is useful, a good choice for the type of services provided.

The headquarters are situated in Wilmington, Delaware, with several other locations around the US and a call center in Las Vegas. The main trait they advertise is that they provide 100% English-native and American-resident writers, meaning no task is outsourced.

There are a couple of interesting pillars in Ultius history, starting with their founding in 2010. A tipping point was reached in 2013 after the UIV was launched, the same time as being listed in the Better Business Bureau. Also, 2016 came with a shift toward improved digitization by building a technology that automatically assigns available and suited writers for each particular task and also an Android app.

Nowadays, after all these years in business, Ultius pride themselves with employing over 2000 writers, supposedly all of them being American, which attend for tasks coming from more than 55 countries around the globe and account for over 200.000 completed orders.


At first glance, Ultius doesn’t seem to offer quite a comprehensive list of services. Although they seem fairly organized, the services mentioned in the home page are structured in a different manner than in the actual service section, which can be a bit disconcerting. For instance, the first impression after opening the site’s main page is that only writing and editing is available, even though they put at customers’ disposal additional and diverse services.

The main categories of services one can find here includes:

  • Writing services, which contains college essays, research papers, dissertations and thesis
  • Editing the customers’ already written papers
  • Composing business-related papers, such as resume, cover letters, CV, business plans
  • Admission-related services, like essays and personal statements

In the case of hiring others for writing papers and admission essays, for customers of Ultius cheating is a concern. Plagiarism is one of the subjects that this operator is fighting. In the editing stage, before sending the final paper to the client, Ultius uses a series of tools, such as Copyscape, to authenticate that the paper is 100% accurate and original.


There are several criteria that are taken into account when deciding the price charged for a certain task. There is a price table with all the possible combinations, between the following features:

  • Type of service required
  • Academic level of the language and style to be used
  • Deadline and urgency
  • Number of words or pages needed

Fees for the requested tasks are situated between the minimum $17.50 per page, for high school essays with 20 days deadline, to the limit of $75 per page of Master level, urgently due in 3 hours-time. The generally-available fees are met with some additional restraints, due to particular cases, such as: Doctoral assignments can’t be requested for a deadline lower than 12 hours. Also, those commanding urgent essays, with deadlines lower than 6 hours might come across difficulties given by the unavailability of writers on such short timeframes, or even by limitations on the number of pages. On the plus side, first-time users receive a discount of 15%, helping in leveling the costs of the order.

There are also some free inclusions for every order, as for example, using their licensed writer matching technology, creating the title and reference pages, the editorial review and Copyscape originality scan, or the non-stop customer support.

Additional fees may come when not wanting to be automatically assigned one of the available writers, as Ultius charges:

  • Extra 20% for what they name Graduate Writers, meaning in the top 10%  of their writers’ selection,
  • Extra 15% for choosing a specific writer, either from previous experiences or based on references

The same scenario comes into play in the case of Ultius essay reviews, which are free of charge for a turnaround of 3 days. Otherwise, each review, which needs a more urgent response than the mentioned time interval, comes with supplementary fees.


The payment methods ensured by this operator consist of some of the most renowned and trustworthy banking options: PayPal and credit cards under the brands of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

According to our own practice and most Ultius inc reviews, UIV can be overpassed whenever using payments through Bitcoin, thus making it a preferred users’ choice.


Ultius assigns a lot of importance on the fact that their selection of writers consists only of American residents. However, there is plenty of user feedbacks that questions the veracity of this. Many students have expressed their doubts about the fact that the assigned writer was even a native English speaker, giving substance to the Ultius scam claims. On the other hand, there are few user reviews that mention the level of writing as being inappropriate to the degree of academic preparation required, an issue that other competitor services face.   

Another downside is that there is only one option of finding out the stage of progress the paid-for paper is at, and that is by directly asking the writer. The trouble is that it falls into the writer’s decision whether or not a response to the customer’s inquiries is due or not.  Unfortunately, there are no intermediary checkpoints to automatically track how the paper unfolds and the support department isn’t able to provide information during the writing process, thus getting into situations when the paying client is left completely in the dark, up until the paper is finalized.

A feature which negatively affects the quality of services is that free revision requests must be submitted during the 7 days after receiving the final version of the paid essay. Also, it’s highly important to mention that these revisions are free of charge only if the client accepts a three days turnaround. Otherwise, for those papers received closer to the deadline and which are urgently in need of a revised final form, additional costs occur.

Customer Service

The support department is functional around the clock, 24/7, offering multiple ways to get in touch with this department’s operators:

  • Ultius 101 FAQ
  • Support desk
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • SMS only for American residents
  • Phone

There are also some less pleasant aspects pertaining to this department, as mentioned in many other Ultius writing reviews, as expressed by paying customers. It seems that the operator decided to overcomplicate the live chat option, by requiring personal data, as well as the reason for requesting support, before actually getting in touch with an operator. Also, support agents don’t have insights on the stage of development for a specific paper and can’t give any information on the progress, which gives birth to additional frustrations.

Website Usability

The website is clearly created by a professional team of developers. Ultius com has an easy to navigate interface, with a multitude of details, thoroughly analyzed, but organized in a friendly manner, even on the home page. This might be the necessary display of information required by an essay writing service, as it’s a trait common to more than one website in this field. However, it can easily turn into a negative trait, as at a certain point, the massive amount of information becomes rather hard to organize and it manages only to overwhelm the users.

Not having a search function on the homepage only amplifies the frustration of going through the entire website’s content to find a piece of info, no matter how well-structured the navigation menu is. Even when accessing the sections of this menu, services, pricing, how it works, reviews, a large bulk of notions comes over the customers, amplifying the sensation of complicated and overwhelming.

Pros And Cons


  • Only American resident writers
  • Increased security by implementing UIV
  • Internal editors checking each paper’s quality
  • 15% discount for first orders
  • 24/7 customer support through many options
  • User-friendly website interface


  • Testimonies on papers written by non-native English speakers
  • Prices on the expensive side
  • Fees for Ultius reviews more urgent than 3 days
  • Additional costs for choosing a specific writer
  • Live chat complicated to attend
  • Home page overcrowded with information

The website stands proof that Ultius, inc is a genuine company, which knows how to present its business in a most favorable light. Casting aside the first impression, one comes across multiple features of lesser quality.

We don’t recommend this service, as throughout the experience, we’ve accounted for many irregularities, each small frustration amounting to becoming insupportable. As, for instance, the complicated way to enter the live chat, or navigating through all the info, without benefiting of a simple search function. On top of that, they’re applying a multitude of fees, even for aspects which were clearly the writer’s fault, as is the case with reviews being returned before an inexplicable time interval of 3 days. These aspects make us recommend extreme caution, or risk to overpay for a modest service, from a company more interested in making a profit, than being customer-oriented.


Paperell Review 2020

In recent years, online writing services have become very popular among students and other professionals. And that makes sense because there is an increased demand of written work and we do not always have enough time to write papers that we are supposed to write. If you are a student, the chances are that you will find yourself in situations when you need someone’s help to write your assignments. 


There are numerous writing services out there, and you may find it a bit hard to choose a good one. Students are overwhelmed with so many options to choose from. The goal of this post is to help you make an informed decision when you need to choose a writing service. Here we’re going to outline a general overview of 

Over the years, this website has emerged as a reliable writing service. It takes time to gain a reputation in this field, and has taken its time. The website has been around for a while.

If you have an insanely tight deadline, you can rely on the expert writers of Students form a vast majority of its customers and that is why the website has made it easier for students to get high quality papers at affordable prices. 

What is Paperell? is one of the best writing services in the world. It was established with the intention of helping super busy students with their academic papers. The website has many experienced writers who write papers on many different topics. 

Whatever your subject is, chances are that you will find a writer who can write the paper for you. This service is especially helpful for students with part time jobs. But students are not the only recipients of the services. People from many other professions use 

Is Paperell legit? 

The legitimacy of writing service is not a matter of question. The operations of writing service are not illegal. And that makes sense because such a company does not necessarily have a malicious intention. Many students ask the question: is paperell cheating? The answer is a hard no.

Writers working for write papers for busy people, not just for students. And there is a moral ground for writing academic papers for super busy students with part-time jobs. 

Besides, there are some serious students who think that writing so many papers is just a waste of time. But to some extent, their grades depend on how regularly they submit their academic papers. In order to stay in the game, these serious students hire professional writers to get their papers written. Even if we consider the moral aspect, we can say that is a completely legitimate website.

Paperell scams?

It is normal to feel a bit uncomfortable with an online writing service because stories of scams are floating all around. understands your worries and therefore takes appropriate measures to prevent scams. But how do you know that you will not have to deal with scams if you choose this company? 

They provide 24/7 customer support via live phone and chat. Before you receive the content, it is run through a high quality plagiarism checker. In some cases, you can get a 100% refund. The papers rarely require revisions, and if they do, you can expect the writer to do it within the deadline. If you have a bad experience with other writing services, will change your mind. 

How does Paperell work? works in the same way as most other writing services. The process is pretty simple. You hire a writer to get your paper written and pay when you receive the paper. If you have experience with other writing services, you will find it very easy to place an order on 

This is a three-step process, and in each step, you will have to fill a few fields with relevant information. The information includes a topic, subject, deadline and number of pages. In some cases, you may need to provide some more information.

Once the instructions are provided, you will have to work on the bidding page. Here you will see a list of writers who can work on your assignment. To discuss other details or clarify instructions, you can chat with the writers. 

Then the writer starts working on the project. To make sure that the paper is written according to the instructions, communicate with the writer throughout the process. 

Is Paperell good?

The consumer rating of is 4.6 out of 5, which means most customers are happy with the services. There is no doubt that Paperell is a good writing service, but as a customer, you also have some responsibilities.

Maybe you are wondering: is paperell reliable? The short answer is: yes. But you have to be a bit careful. Before you hire a writer, make sure you are hiring the right person to get the job done.

Chat with the writer and try to understand whether he or she is capable of handling your paper. Provide clear instructions and maintain communication throughout the process. If you take care of these things, you can expect to receive a high-quality paper.

Is Paperell safe?

The company is very serious about safety and takes appropriate measures to protect your privacy. In fact, this is one of the safest writing services you will ever come across. If an order is placed by mistake, you will get a 100% refund. That means you will not have to worry about losing money no matter how careless you are. You can just relax, knowing that your money is in good hands.

Do some research and it is almost sure that you will not read anything about Paperell scam simply because it does not happen. The website has some effective measures to prevent scams.

The company also has a refund policy if the content does not meet your requirements. There are several payment methods, and all of them are secure. It has legitimacy and it offers full confidentiality. Once you use Paperell essay writing service, the chances are that you will fall in love with the service.

Story was established with the intention of helping students who struggle hard with their academic papers. The team that established the website wanted to help students work on their assignments. They noticed that the availability of so many writing services, students find it hard to choose good ones.

Since its inception, the website has been providing high quality papers. The papers provided by this website are not only plagiarism-free but also written from scratch.  

The founders of this company knew that there are many dishonest online writing services, and customers were a bit hesitant to receive the services. was established to fill in the gap. And now we can say that the company has succeeded in its mission.

Services provides dissertations, essays, business plans, term papers, research papers, presentations and many other types of written work. That means, the company helps not only students but also other professionals.

There are many writers specializing in many different fields. Specialization is a hallmark of this company. No matter what your subject or topic is, hopefully, you will find a writer who can write your academic paper.


Paperell services are meant for students, and that is why the prices are not too high. The business policy of the website is to provide high-quality papers at affordable prices, and thus build a wide base of customers. We can say that this business model has seen success.

However, the site does not have a cost calculator or price list. To get a quote, you have to place an order. The price usually starts at $23 per page. The price goes higher if you have a tight deadline. A bad thing about this service is that prices are not negotiable. To learn more about Paperell prices, you can do some research.


The website accepts several methods of payment. There are several ways and you can choose the most convenient way for you. You can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express cards and Discover. For simplicity, you can also use PayPal. Just read a Paperell review and you will learn that customers are very happy with the payment methods.

When you place an order, you have to pay a deposit. And when you receive the paper, the system releases the full amount. If you are not satisfied with the work, you are allowed to request a refund. However, in such a case, you have to prove that the content does not meet the requirements.


When it comes to paper quality, is better than most of its competitors. It is partially because the writers working for this site have to pass eligibility tests. Knowing that a professional writer is working on your paper, you will have some peace of mind.

You can always expect original content because before the paper is submitted to you, it is routinely run through a plagiarism checker. The writers are highly experienced, and they do not indulge in plagiarism. Paperell plagiarism checker is used to check every single paper.

You can expect a fairly good paper even if you have a tight deadline. The writers always do their research before writing something. It is important to note here that the quality of your paper depends on how clearly you state your requirements. Providing clear instructions is not enough. You should keep the line of communication clear while the writer works on your paper.


The company has a refund policy that guarantees a 100% refund if the content does not meet the requirements. The company clearly states that a customer can request a refund if the content is not written according to the initial instructions.

Besides, if an order is placed by mistake, you can order a refund. This policy is also applicable if your writers miss a deadline. To learn more about the guarantees, you can consider reading some Paperell reviews.

Ordering process

If you have used another writing service, you will find it very easy to place an order on The process of placing an order is pretty straightforward. Just go to a website, select a writer and provide the writer with the details. The process is as simple as that. But if you want to learn about the details, just visit the website and see it yourself.

As the writer works on your paper, keep the line of communication clear. To some extent, the quality of your paper depends on proper communication. You have to provide some information when you place an order. It is important to provide correct information.

Customer service

When it comes to the success of a writing service provider, customer support is a determining factor. knows this secret and put a lot of emphasis on this sector. If you read some reviews of this writing service, you will find that most customers are highly appreciative of the customer service.

To get a reply, in some cases, you may need to wait for a few minutes. The people at the help desk are experienced, and they will understand your issues. The customer service of this company deserves at least 8 out of 10. Don’t be impatient in case you do not get an instant reply. You will not have to wait for more than 5 minutes.

Extra services

The company does not offer many extra services. However, if you ask the company to select a writer for you, you will have to spend $10. For many customers, it does not make sense at all. You can select your own writer. Some customers think that this option should be free.

However, the lack of extra services is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be viewed as a part of the attempt to keep things simple. And that makes sense because simplicity is the hallmark of this company.

Website usability

The first thing you will notice about this website is its eye-catching design. The interface makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for. The website makes amazing use of the combination of white and purple. But this is just the aesthetic aspect of the website. It is also great in terms of usability. Just looking at the website, you will not help to praise the designer.

If you have already used other websites of this type, you will easily notice the difference. However, the usability of a website is something that always has room for improvement. If you can not think of a better design, just wait and see. The company seems very serious about the usability of its website.

Pros and cons

As we have mentioned earlier, this is a great writing service in many ways. In a very short span of time, it has beaten most of its strong competitors. Yet, the company has a few drawbacks. Now we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of this writing firm.


  • Serious about deadlines
  • Customers can choose their writers
  • Reasonable price
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Availability of different formats
  • Placing an order is easy


  • Sometimes papers are not properly edited
  • No option for co-editing
  • The best writers are often busy on other projects
  • Costlier than many other services
  • Customer service could improve
  • No way to verify the qualification of the writer before hiring

There are plenty of reasons why this website has gained such popularity in a relatively short time. The customer reviews indicate that this company is highly recommended. However, to gain personal experience, you have to place an order and see if it works for you. No matter what type of paper you need to get written, hopefully, you will find a good writer.


Paperial Review 2020

These days, there are numerous writing services and students find it a bit hard to choose from so many options. This post is a general overview of the site The goal of this post is to help students learn what to look for in a writing service and understand what to expect. It will also help students learn how works and whether it is legitimate. 

We will also try to answer some common questions that customers ask about writing services in general. With so many options to choose from, it is normal for any customer to feel a bit overwhelmed.  We hope this post will simplify things for these customers. 

What is Paperial?

Although Paperial is one of the most well-known writing services now, things were a bit different just a few years ago. After its inception, Paperial was a somewhat obscure company for quite a long time. Then students begin to notice the company and it became popular in a relatively short time. 

One of the Notable reasons for its popularity is the quality of the services. The company offers many types of writing services including admission essays, dissertations, speeches, research papers, and term papers. The company also offers rewriting and editing services. So, if you need to get something rewritten or edited, you can easily hire a writer or editor from the website.

In terms of services, is not much different from other higher end writing services. What makes it different from other websites is its quality of services. The company offers high-quality papers at relatively low prices. This is perhaps the most obvious reason why the website has become wildly popular among students. 

Is Paperial legit?

Taking all factors into consideration, it can be stated that Paperial is a completely legitimate website. The company is serious about employing qualified writers and providing high quality papers. Apart from writing papers for payment, the writers of also help their clients write their own papers. 

People who question the legitimacy of writing services do not know the difference between analytical and expository essays. No serious issue will arise unless the writers copy the content from somewhere else. And with paper, this is never an issue. The website is very serious about providing 100% plagiarism-free content. 

The website also has a moral ground because it is not just focused on writing academic papers for students. It also provides content and the customers come from many walks of life. Students are not the only target. In some cases, the website helps students better than their teachers do. Maybe you are still wondering: is Paperial legit? We encourage you to do some research to find an in-depth answer to this question.

There are many serious students who just hate working on their academic papers. They prefer spending their valuable time doing something that really matters to them. Paperial does a very good job for these students. It is by no means illegal to help students who struggle with their academic papers. 

Paperial scams?

A notable difference between and other writing services is that the former provides detailed information about its operations. There are many websites that have been around for a long time but yet customers do not know much about them. On the other hand, Paperial allows you to know everything you need to know about the services. 

If you have a bad experience with other writing services, the chances are that this company will restore your good faith. Do some research and you will learn that customers are very happy with the services of this firm and none of them faced scams. Many students ask the question: is Paperial reliable? The answer is: yes.

The website has taken some very effective measures to prevent scams and those measures have worked well. It has a very secure payment system that ensures the security of your hard-earned money. It is a great thing, because hundreds of writing companies have mushroomed in recent years, and many of those companies do not provide security for your money.

And if you’re not satisfied with the work, you can request a refund. The refund policy is also applicable if the content does not meet your requirements. If you take all factors into consideration, you will find that Paperial is one of the safest writing services around. Is Paperial cheating? No, it is not.

How does Paperial work?

If you are serious about getting the services of, you may want to know how the company works. The company works in a very simple way. You just need to go to the website and select a writer who can write the paper for you. There is a list of writers who are ready to get the job done. Just select a writer and inform him or her of your requirements. Chat with the writer to know for sure that he is capable of writing the paper. 

Once you are convinced, place an order. To make sure the paper is written according to your initial instructions, keep the line of communication smooth. Communicate with the writer while he works on your paper.  Read a good Paperial review and you will learn that good communication is the key to getting a high-quality paper. And that makes sense because if you do not keep the line of communication clear, your writer will not be able to ask questions when he or she has does not understand an instruction. It often leads to misunderstanding.

Once you have received the paper, pay for the job done. If the paper is not good enough, ask the writer to revise it. If you are not satisfied with the work, you can request a refund. 

To get a high-quality paper, make sure your instructions are clear enough. The quality of the paper depends on how clearly you state your requirements. 

Is Paperial good? 

It is true that there are numerous writing services and many of them are good enough, but Paperial is special in multiple ways. Compare this company with other writing services and you will easily notice the difference. 

Is Paperial a good writing service? The shortest answer is: yes. It is a good service in terms of content quality, delivery time and clarity of operations. Nothing is unclear or hazy about this service. The operations are transparent and you can communicate with the writer who is working on your paper. 

If you just keep the line of communication clear, you will not have to face any issue. It is good to read some Paperial reviews but in order to get a personal experience, you have to place an order and see how things work. 

Is Paperial safe?

The short answer is: yes. This writing service is absolutely safe. In fact, this is one of the safest writing services you will ever come across. Whether you consider paper quality, meeting deadlines or legitimacy, Paperial is clearly better than its competitors. 

The website has a few measures in place that prevent scams. But safety does not mean only the absence of scams. Customers who place orders on this website enjoy peace of mind because they know that they are hiring the right persons. All the writers working for this website are trustworthy. Considering all factors, we can say that this is a safe writing service. 


So far, Paperial has been very popular among students and other professionals. In the writing industry, this is a leading writing service. This amazing success can be attributed to factors such as the quality of writers, smooth operations and respect for the clients’ deadlines. 

Since its inception, the company has put a lot of emphasis on the safety and security of its customers. The company is determined not to share its customers’ information with any third party and that is one of the reasons the company has achieved so much success in such a short span of time. 

The company started with just academic essays but now it provides many types of written work including book reviews, scholarship works, admission letters, term papers, dissertations, research papers and custom essays. No matter what type of writing service you need, chances are that you will receive sufficient help from 


From this website, you can get several types of services and offers. This multifunctional company provides academic papers in different disciplines. The writers not only write essays from scratch but also provide writing and editing services. So, if you write a paper and want to polish it, you can hire someone from this company to get it done for you. 

The writers working for this company are experts in many different subjects. No matter what your discipline is, the chances are that you will find a suitable writer on Some common disciplines include literature, math, biology, chemistry, history, business, management, art etc. 


The main customers of are students, and that is part of the reason why the prices are relatively low. All writing services that target students try to keep their rates low but they often end up compromising the quality of their services. But that is not the case with 

The prices are very low and that is one of the reasons why students are in love with this writing service. The price is low, but the quality is not. If you need some high quality content but you have a tight budget, you should try this writing service. It will not disappoint you. 

You can do some research to learn more about Paperial prices. According to customer reviews, most customers think that the prices are cost-effective. The website has a price calculator. Before you place an order, you can use the price calculator to figure out how much the paper is going to cost. 


For any writing service, payment security is of utmost importance. Paperial takes it very seriously. The company has some safe and flexible payment options. Its payment options include Visa, Discover, PayPal, MasterCard and AmEx. Just choose the most convenient option for you. Your safety and privacy are guaranteed by the company. Rest assured that your personal information will never be shared with any third party.


The quality of content is good, but it also depends on the writer who writes the content. Your deadline is also a factor. Quality determines the company’s level of success. So, in order to stay in business, the company always tries to maintain the high quality of its services. is well aware that customers can leave poor reviews if they receive poorly written papers. If you read some reviews, you will find that the vast majority of customers are very happy with the quality of papers. Just use Paperial essay writing service and you will fall in love with the company.

You will certainly receive plagiarism-free content because every paper is run through a Paperial plagiarism checker before the paper is submitted. If you have an insanely tight deadline, you may receive a relatively low-quality paper, but you will never receive plagiarized content.

Customer Service

For any company that provides writing services, great customer service is a must. Since its inception, has taken this aspect seriously. In fact, the vibrant customer service is one of the reasons for the company’s wild popularity. 

The company has a very fast and efficient support team that can be reached 24/7. You can contact them via email or the Chabot, and in most cases, you will receive an almost immediate response. However, sometimes they may take some time to respond to your email. 

If it is an urgent situation, you can communicate with the team via phone. Yes, the company has a phone number. It can be noted here that there are many other writing companies that claim to be legit but do not provide any phone number. 

Website usability

For a writing service company, it is important to maintain a user-friendly website. Because it is an online-based company, its smooth operations are determined by its website’s ease of use. If the website is hard to use, students will simply hate it. And as a result, the companies will not achieve enough success. is very serious about the usability of its website. The company knows that many customers use their smartphones to visit You can use any device to visit the website conveniently. It offers very easy navigation. 

The design of the website is not only visually appealing but also suitable for customers with no technical knowledge. You will be able to place an order even if you have never used a writing service.

Pros and cons

Yes, it is true that is a leading company in the writing industry. There are many reasons why customers are in love with this company. But at the same time, the company has some drawbacks. Now we will try to show you the pros and cons of this writing service.


  • High-quality papers
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Relatively low price
  • Great design of the website
  • Communication with your writer
  • Good customer service


  • No perks for regular customers
  • No discounts for new customers
  • Limited extra features
  • No loyalty programs
  • Refund policy is a bit hazy
  • Not the lowest price

Considering all the factors, we can say that is here to stay. With an amazing business policy, it has already beaten its competitors and emerged as a leading company in the writing industry. If you are a student and you need to hire a writer to get your paper written, you can rely on


Grademiners Review 2020

Our quest to review several of the existing and most advertised essay writing services, springs from the respect we have for the struggles that regular students go through, trying to balance the college life, with acing all tests and eventually keeping a job, to leverage the monetary balance. It’s not an easy task but the technological advancements we benefit from allow us to seek for help to overcome hardships.

Our Grademiner review follows some concerns expressed by users, which claim that the paid essays are far from the quality they expected. As a result, we’ve taken upon ourselves to explore this site and evaluate the services provided, keeping in mind: the quality of the services, the ratio of correlation between them and their cost, how security measures are set in place, the amount of support given to customers, how user-friendly the site is and any other aspects which might represent red flags.


We’re trying to solve several inquiries about this site through our grade miners review, starting with the most important questions: what is GradeMiners and does it offer legit services?

First, the analyzed website works as an intermediary service, enabling students at different levels of their academic preparation, from High School to PhD, receive paid-for tuition on various types of papers, from professional writers.

The site’s functionality is organized under the surveillance of two distinct companies. The owner company is Viatta Business LTD with headquarters in Belize, while the site is operated from Nicosia, Cyprus, by Writeperfect LTD. Although the countries of provenience are not the most reliable, the companies themselves seem to be legit.

The website has a special section where it mentions several aspects that it guarantees for its users, out of which we underline the following: quality assurance and confidentiality 100%. These seem to be of high importance for paying clients, as well they should be, but while the website declares it holds them in high appreciation, we have our reservations.

On the matter of assured quality, there are multiple issues that have arisen during our inspection of the services, which we’ll properly detail in the following subchapters of the review. The mention of guaranteed confidentiality 100% holds no other really informative detail. They speak of payment info protection, confidential personal data and advanced security standards, but no other specifics about how these things are accomplished. The privacy policy has a mention of the use of 256-bit SSL encryption for ensuring the integrity of the website and also some specifications on the entities responsible for processing, retaining and transferring the customers’ personal data. 

Data is collected by the company from Cyprus, but are handed afterwards to a Ukrainian depositor, a decision hard to explain, which raises some eyebrows. Also, the personal data is withheld for 6 years, which seems an awful lot amount of time, at least compared to other similar operators, which only require a 3 months period for depositing this info.

However, even if the above-mentioned details are raising some questions, we haven’t directly experienced any irregularities. As long as users keep in mind the previously presented aspects, we deem it safe enough for using, no scams being reported or experienced.

The way the Grademiners process of ordering a paper goes, it presents a less standard approach, to begin with: firstly, the support operators should be contacted for receiving a deadline and a price quote. Secondly, a form should be filled with the necessary information and relevant details before being submitted to writers. Paying for the papers is the next step, then monitoring the process and promptly answering any of the writer’s inquiries. Finally, the stage of reviewing and correcting occurs, if necessary and the job is done.


There are several reference points in the history of Grademiners, according to their own recollection of events. They attested the starting date in 2009, the main idea being to help US students in successfully accomplishing their tasks.

2010 has seen the implementation of all-day round customer support and hiring of professional writers. During 2013, an internal department of quality control has seen the light of day, and in 2015, the urgent service was instated for those papers which needed completion sooner than 6 hours.

Currently, the site prides with its team of over 1200 certified writers who complete, according to their own statistics, around 30 orders each day, in the high season. Surely, all these mentions can be found on the website, not being easily certifiable with the reality of things.

Services presents an extensive list of available services, having a wide range of possibilities for paper writing. The section of said services can only be accessed through the main menu taskbar and doesn’t seem to have a particular order in which they are presented, mixing altogether: essays, coursework, assignments, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, dissertations, book reviews, term papers, lab reports, cover letter, or thesis.

Although the list is long and includes even many more examples of potential papers when accessing each option in turns, the website continues to commit blunder after blunder. Beneath a relatively tidy aspect and user-friendly navigation, thrives a completely disorganized mess. Information occurs under the wrong link or subchapter, everything is mixed up and it takes a long amount of time to understand what it is that the operator meant to say. For instance, when accessing the Dissertation link, we’re oriented to a section that is meant to give us additional details on what ordering a dissertation through GradeMiners means. There is a large capped title speaking about expert assistance with any part of this dissertation and then each stage is detailed. Only that the notions are completely mixed up. The conclusion is presented as the methodology, the abstract as the research done and planning on future research, appendices are described as the hypothesis or the sources and methods as the actual conclusion chapter.

If this is an accurate example of the expertise that those employed by the website have for writing a dissertation, a paper with a high level of academic skills and expectations, things aren’t looking too promising for students paying for such services. Otherwise, when accessing the other sections depicting the services provided, the details are pretty much identical, having the same page layout, mentioning the site’s guarantees, the benefits of ordering through them, the thorough recruitment process and some out of this world testimonials. Not that much of it is truly informative and we reckon not that much of it is actually real, as well.


The pricing table continues the unbelievable chaotic structure of the site, as there are few things that actually make sense when browsing through the potential costs of a paper. We can deduce that the price is set depending on the type of work, for example, essays and dissertations come with different costs. As usual, the academic level of the requested paper makes another difference in the price, going from a high-school level, through the stages of college, undergraduate, master and PhD, each costing more than the previous.

Also, the urgency of the due date plays an important role in establishing how much to pay for a task, although here we have some inconsistencies. Out of the 26 lines of the pricing table, the first 12 mention nothing in the Urgency column, then we have the 1 hour and 2 hours prices, only to jump to the 20 days deadline cost and continuing to descend until we reach the 3 hours inscription. If the preceding phrase seems hard to make sense of is because it faithfully depicts the pricing table. We have a lot of low-end values that we can’t attribute to any deadline, besides the mix-up in what should have been a simple descending organized list. As far as we could discern, the lowest price per page is for high-school level essay, with a 20 days deadline, of only $8.77, while the high limit is reached by the PhD level essay writing, ready within the hour, being of $48.51 per page.

However, for any user who finds it hard to navigate the table, as we ourselves were, it’s possible to ask for a free price quote by contacting the support representatives. On the same plus side, we have found several options for the currencies accepted on this site: USD, CAD, GBP, CNY, AUD and EUR.

Related to establishing prices, we’ve discovered that Grademiners runs a loyalty program in the shape of virtual money accumulated in the personal account opened on the site. The first order receives 10% of its value, going into that personal balance. Each subsequent purchase, following the second, gets 5% out of its cost sent into that same virtual account. When these points have accumulated enough, they can be used to pay a new paper.   


This is a scarce section, as not many options are accepted for paying the purchases, the only option being credit cards, from the most used brands:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover


On the quality side, we’ve only found a single plus: it’s the first site where we’ve found the actual due date mentioned at the price calculator on the first page, rather than simply mention the number of hours/days necessary. This brings along clarity regarding an important aspect of any order, the deadline.

The price table is a mess, as shown above, which is incredibly frustrating, as the tool specially designed to help users avoid any trouble and to make things clearer to them, becomes a source of misunderstandings.

The website has many grammatical errors. Ironically, in the diagram where they detail the screening process and how they carefully choose only top writers, they inserted a spelling mistake, having “candicates” instead of “candidates”. This is just the error that we’ve found most relevant, but the entire website is abundant in such typos, mixed up notions and overall lack of organization. This despite the fact that many pages on the site are careful in mentioning the “superb quality” and how they never accept mediocre quality. If it’s one thing, we can’t let slip by is the obviously misleading the paying customers, which is precisely the thing that the site operators are trying to get away with.

A similar feeling we’ve concluded from many other Grademiners reviews which circulate in the online environment. Most of them indeed mention the punctuality as a point where they came through, but that pretty much is all of it. Furthermore, there are way too many reviews speaking on the probable Indian origin of the assigned writers to easily cast aside. And without actually saying anything bad on Indian writers, the fact that the site outsources what should represent the main preoccupation, which is writing papers, blatantly contradicts their claims on hand-picking writers and putting them through a thorough screening process.

As a final thought on the quality aspect, both review sites mentioned on Grademiners actually have a lower rating for them than that specified with such pride on their own website. This makes us think that they either purposely exaggerate, or they haven’t updated their info in a while. Either way, by doing this, they actually managed to contradict most of their claims on quality.

Customer Service

The support department seemingly functions for 24/7, through both live chat and via phone. There’s also an email address to ask for less urgent support.

Website Usability

We’ve gone through most of these aspects in the previous sections. We’ve had an awful experience using this website and we’ve also corroborated our disappointment with those mentioned by other users in several grade miners reviews. It’s not a site to casually stroll through and be easily handed out informative data, as it seems that the operator itself has no clue of what the actual information presented stand for. Not to mention the technical glitches, the in-paper layout fails and the grammatical errors.


  • Deadline mentioned as a specific date
  • Regularly respecting due dates
  • 15% discount for the first order
  • Prices are on the lower end of the industry
  • Loyalty program
  • 24/7 support department


  • Suspicious companies as owner and operator
  • Sloppy website
  • Incomprehensible pricing table
  • Poor quality of outsourced papers
  • Grammar errors throughout the site
  • Blatant contradictions pertaining to the overall quality

Experiencing what has ultimately been a very frustrating trial, which resulted in not recommending the use of this service. Beneath what seems a professional looking website at first glance, lie several inaccuracies which raise plenty of questions regarding the seriousness of this specific operator. There are many issues that can only be explained through a lack of involvement in what this website should stand for and we don’t find that the money paid and the stress of potentially receiving a lower-quality paper is worth the effort of going through with placing any order here.

Uncategorized Review 2020

Going through a number of reviews we found shared opinions on the services offered by this site, their claims to supply finite quality products and the impact they have on the students’ life. Seeing some unexplored potential of this site, we decided to go through with a thorough review of our own, meant to shift the balance towards one of the two opposing sides.

We pride ourselves on our unbiased experience in reviewing websites to immediately sniff out those operators out to make a quick buck, regardless of their clientele, or the honest business which occasionally slips up but genuinely invests quality in their services. The criteria used to evaluate college-papers are the same ones we’ve imparted in every case thus far: increased attention to security measures and data protection, a sound business based on supplying quality, a balanced correlation between the services and their cost, treating the customer fair and answering their request with professionalism.

Overview is a business which focuses on the quality of services offered to their customers, drawing their profit in a natural way through the healthy process of creating a special connection with the satisfied clients that return for additional times, rather than from pushing precarious tasks, only to reach a high quantitative quota. The main objective and declared mission of this website is to provide its customers with high quality college papers. is meant to act as a paid tutor for the students, aiding in:

  • relieving the stress of deadlines and crushing amount of work
  • buying extra time to study at the matters which additionally challenge or interest the student
  • improving their writing skills by seeing other points of view, writing styles, ideas presentation, which they can afterwards adapt and make their own
  • increasing their grades, while adding information to their knowledge, as the ultimate objective

Opposed to other similar writing services, the operator prefers to focus entirely on a smaller range of services, serving solely the niche pertaining to college students but making sure that the quality of the papers is high, rather than spread the time and available writers on a more comprehensive array of services while sacrificing quality for sheer numbers.

  From our own experience with this website, we can state that it’s a legit business, keen to help their clients to the best of their knowledge. And while the end result is prone to subjective appreciations, our opinion is that there is no intention of foul play, but rather punctual misunderstandings, which can be resolved either by submitting the essays to free revisions, with the help of the customer support department or by making use of the refund policy. Either way, a solution to sensible issues seems to be found most of the time.

We can also attest to the safety measures put in place by the website’s operator, whether we’re talking about the personal or the financial data. The privacy policy is adapted to comply with personal information laws throughout the world: the GDPR for European customers, as well as the specifics of each state for the US residents. As for the financial operations go, the methods accepted for payment are among the most secure in the world, according to general acceptance. The site also has a 256 bit SSL encryption, as any serious online business installs.

Given that making things simple is part of their way of conducting business, ordering a paper on works swiftly by:

  • submitting the details of the task
  • paying the calculated price, according to the publicly available table of costs
  • tracking the status of the work, from start to finish
  • receiving and downloading the requested paper


As any guest on this website can acknowledge from their very first visit, the site presents information in a friendly manner, being almost playful. For instance, in the About Us section, the first image that greets users is of a meter, which dynamically measures the number of days that the site has been at people’s disposal. At the time we’ve completed our college paper review, there were over 4000 days since the start of their adventure, meaning a bit over 11 years of writing essays for college students.

It’s an impressive piece of information, but not that startling when considering that their guarantees include always meeting the student’s instructions, regardless of the academic level or chosen topic and always on time. Top qualities for an essay writing service, which are also consistent with the number of serviced customers, amounting to 115000, coming from 38 countries around the world. More so, the afflux of clients doesn’t seem to end here, as there is an average of over 50 new clients on a daily basis. Also, there are more than 450 writers that the website collaborates with, which take good care of more than 120 finalized papers each day. The site also mentions a percentage of 95% of their customers being satisfied completely by the received services, which we deem is a bit higher than the reality, but are certain that the actual number is higher than the average nevertheless.


As previously mentioned, the business strategy of this site, the one which accounts for the success proven by the numbers stated before, is to only focus on a single category of essays, which refer to college students, instead of spreading their efforts on wider categories and not being able to guarantee the same quality for their end results.

Thus, the actual services pertaining to offering quality college papers, refer to:

  • Admission services, aiding in completing the personal statement, admission essay and scholarship essay
  • Academic writing, which defines a wider section that includes: case studies, lab reports, speeches, articles critique, reaction papers, movie reviews, research papers
  • Dissertation and Thesis services
  • Various assignments, in the shape of: programming, PowerPoint presentations, problems, multiple-choice questions, statistics project
  • Editing and proofreading services

Also, although not usually listed as one of the services provided by such a site, we would like to include the blog section here as well. We’re considering it a sort of free informative service, as it contains 170 tips for students on essay writing related subjects.


The pricing table is similar to that used by various other competitors as well, having the costs modified according to the time frame needed to complete the task and the type of paper to be written. They include a higher price depending on the subject area, as some might need deeper research than others, for instance, accounting and banking supposedly require more insights than, let’s say cinematics. Also, international expansion is obvious when looking at the available currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD.

The lowest price comes for a paper of standard quality and a deadline of 10 days, being situated at $19.99 for each page. On the opposite side, the highest price per page is of $62.69, for a platinum quality essay, on a complicated topic, which requires an urgent completion, in no more than 3 hours.

There are two main aspects that we’ve observed in this price table. The first is that, even though the minimum cost might seem on the expensive side, being well above average, the period of time in which the essay must be done is also small, of only 10 days. As for the price, it’s easily comparable to the one that other services ask for 30 or even 60 days urgency, deadlines that we’re not sure are realistic, as there aren’t any professors to hand out assignments with this much time in advance.

Second, we’ve noticed there are three levels pertaining to the essay’s required quality: standard, premium and platinum. Besides the price, they also differentiate through other traits:

  • The standard papers refer to simple assignments, which don’t require extensive knowledge or research on the specific subject. It’s recommended for papers meant for high school, college or bachelor students and it refers to a style that an MA degree holder could complete.
  • The Premium quality is meant for bachelor, graduate, master and PhD students, which need more intricate ideas and writing style. They’re realized either by an MA with proven writing experience of by a PhD.
  • Platinum employs the highest level of expertise, having writers with PhD degrees and specialized in the specific domain the paper refers to, doing a thorough research and coming up with a unique, high-quality essay. offers an extensive discount section, rewarding loyalty, as each order higher than $50 receives 15% off. Also, depending on the number of pages ever requested, any customer gets 5% discount when in the 15-50 pages interval, increasing to 10% when overpassing 51 up until 100 total pages and culminating with 15% after amounting to at least 101 pages ever ordered.


The banking methods accepted by this operator are the classic options used for online financial transactions. Unfortunately, none of the more modern alternatives are available, as for instance, e-wallets. Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel like having the access restricted on this account, seeing how the payment can be finalized by:

  • Wire transfer
  • Visa credit or debit card
  • MasterCard and Maestro cards
  • American Express credit cards
  • Discover cards


We’ve already expressed our opinion on the view the writers and the site operator have with the quality offered to their customers. Sure, we’ve found some college paper reviews set against this website, but from our experience, we’ve had our expectations met. It’s a discussion of whether those that felt wrong have actually chosen the appropriate category of service. Meaning that if one pays for the standard quality, expectations shouldn’t be that the essay is written at PhD level. The categories are explicitly detailed and we’ve found them to be true to their claims.

Also, there aren’t that many negative feedbacks referring to deadlines being overpassed, or that instructions haven’t been respected. This tells us that on the technical part, the writers are diligent and respect their customers. The only aspect remaining prone to negative feedback is that referring to the ideas and writing style, which can be explained up to a point through the subjectivity or different expectations of the clients.

An aspect pertaining to the quality of services that we’ve appreciated highly and which we haven’t seen at many similar services is the possibility to observe the stage a paper is in, from the moment it’s assigned to a writer until it’s received via email.

Customer Service

Essay writing services need to treat their customers with professionalism and patience, while understanding the pressure and stress each student who asked for their help, goes through. A quick method to get in touch with someone when things don’t go the way they’d like is mandatory. has instated multiple ways to ensure swift communication:

  • 24/7 live chat
  • Phone numbers supported for US and UK
  • Email for the less urgent requests
  • FAQ page which hasn’t the most informative answers, unfortunately
  • The option to directly contact the appointed writer
  • The possibility to track the order through its different stages

Website Usability

This is perhaps one of the best organized sites of paper writing we’ve come across. The information is detailed, but it’s not crammed onto the main page, or hard to deduct in which section it might be discovered. Better yet, each crucial information regarding the services the site supplies is set in a simple, playful but relevant context, easy to the eye, but without actually ignoring it.

Users should have no problem navigating this site, the menu bar being quite explanatory with its sections leading to the most important aspects, grouped as: Home, Services, Prices, Discounts, Guarantees, Samples, Contact, Orders and Blog.

Also, there’s a marketing stunt we’ve appreciated, showing initiative and outside-the-box thinking: testimonials on what a good job the operator does, appear on each page, the viewer permanently having under its eyes some words of praise.


  • Informative blog section
  • Impressive discounts rewarding loyalty
  • Live tracking the order
  • Directly contacting the appointed writer
  • Well organized website
  • Positive testimonials appearing on each page


  • Few data on the owning company
  • Writers selection process undetailed
  • Somewhat ambiguous price categories
  • Costs above the industry average
  • E-wallets not a payment method
  • Most FAQs have an identical answer

There are several characteristics we’ve outlined in our review that make us recommend this essay writing service. Although there are some unavoidable slips, as everyone is open to mistakes, we believe their heart is in the right place, namely towards offering quality papers to college students in need. The better part of the experience has been pleasant and with a favorable overall impression, we give two thumbs up for accessing this website.

Uncategorized Review 2020

From my experience, having been a student also, college assignments can get overwhelming. And that is the very essence of essay writing services like Paperleaf. This is a detailed Paperleaf review aimed at making you understand what the company offers and how good or bad they are in their services.

Why you need to take into account our peer review

In your search for the perfect essay writing service, I am sure you are spoilt for choice given the numerous essay writing services on the internet. Don’t fret! We have chosen to do the donkey work for you. Ours is to scrutinize the various services in detail and present to you the best in the industry.

We go to the extent of submitting actual orders and interacting with both the system  and customer support. Remember, we are an independent party with no affiliation whatsoever to the actual company. You can, therefore, put your trust in this Paperleaf review as we have done our best to make it as unbiased as possible.

We do understand the presence of customer reviews on the site itself, but the experience will tell you that companies will always pick the most positive ones to display. That is outrightly normal. In another angle, some disgruntled customers choose to leave very negative reviews on forums across the internet, some of which are genuine and others unfounded. This comprehensive Paperleaf review brings you all you need to know about the company.

By what criteria do we choose and evaluate the essay writing services?

As earlier implied, there are numerous essay writing services present in the industry – thousands to be precise. All these are different from one another in one or more aspects.  For evaluation purposes, we use the following key indicators:

  • Price
  • Subject area
  • Customer support
  • 24/7 availability
  • Discounts
  • Guarantees, including money back
  • Revision policy
  • Experience level of writers
  • Quality of writing

What you need to consider when choosing an essay writing service

From your freshman years, I’m more than sure you are now familiar with the following varieties of assignments:

  • Narrative essays, where you are required to tell a real-life experience
  • Descriptive essays, in which you are supposed to describe a person, place, object or event
  • Expository essays, where you analyze a topic in a balanced manner
  • Persuasive essays, for which facts are needed to convince the target audience to accept your point of view
  • Dissertations, which usually involve research in a given subject area
  • Typical math problems
  • Group assignments
  • Business plans

Whatever your writing needs, there is an essay service out there that can handle your needs. Yours is to choose – wisely in this case.

In a nutshell, ask yourself the following questions, and you will be on the right route:

  1. How much am I willing and able to spend on this particular assignment?
  2. What field of study am I in? Are the writers experienced in this field of study?
  3. Is there someone I can communicate with one-on-one to explain what I need clearly?
  4. Can I contact the company whatever time of the day I find the opportunity?
  5. Can the quoted prices be discounted?
  6. If I’m not satisfied with the work, can I get my money back?
  7. How does the company handle revisions?
  8. Am I assured of good quality work that will bring me good grades?

Let us now focus on Paperleaf, hoping by the end of the review, you will make an informed decision about doing business with the company.


What is

Simply put, Paperleaf is an essay writing service. That implies you can hire them at a cost to write essays for you. It comprises a team of writers who have joined forces to do writing as a business. In this sense, once you give the company order, the business manager decides which writer will handle your essay. This depends on the expertise and availability of the individual writers in the team.

The writers may or may not be in the same physical location. But that should not matter. In this age of internet connectivity, it is possible for the team to be spread across the country, or even across the world. It is not expressly detailed on the website. Whatever the case, your main concern is to have your essay done in a good time.

Is legit?

Yes, it is! By the way, what do you understand by legit? Legit is ideally something that is not fake. For a fake essay writing service, you expect to send money for your essay to be done, only to not get any work done by the stipulated deadline. And when you try contacting the provided numbers, you realize no one is picking your calls or replying to your emails or text messages.

That has never happened, and I don’t expect it to happen any time soon, with They are a responsible team of professionals who are seriously in business. They understand the need for honesty in this online business in order to remain in business. Rest assured, you are dealing with a legit firm.  

Are there scams?

Having established it is a legit company, no need to worry whether you will be scammed. I’ve not yet heard of scams involving The company sticks to its policy of protecting its customers’ privacy. No detail shared with them will ever be leaked out to some fishy third party. Just be careful to only communicate using the official lines listed on the website. As you know, there will always be scammers out there for any genuine brand. We should never underestimate this fact.

How does work?

The mode of operation of is similar to what happens with many other essay writing services.

The system can be summarized to four basic steps:

  1. Specify your requirements – this includes, but not limited to, type of paper, topic, subject area, number of pages or words, deadline, quality of writer preferred, the format of citation, detailed paper instructions
  2. Once all details are captured correctly, you are free to choose the writer of your choice. The last time I checked, there were over 200 writers on the platform available for new orders. Just note that there are three levels of writers.

If you choose All Writers, your order will be seen by all writers on the platform, including beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert writers.

By adding 10% to the quoted price, your order will be presented to only the top 50% of writers. These are the advanced and expert writers who guarantee you top quality work that will attract good grades. These are the kind to consider if you are in senior-level and above.

If you are doing a Masters course or Ph.D., go for the Platinum writers, for which you will spend 20% more than the normal quote.

  1. The third step is to deposit the money to an escrow fund. This tells the writer that the project is funded, and he or she can embark on it. Trust is both ways. Just as you are skeptical about your work being completed, the writer is also skeptical about being paid after doing the job.
  2. Finally, once you are comfortable with the final piece, you can release the funds to the writer. If not satisfied with the work done, you are allowed to request revisions until it meets your requirements. And in case the work is not completed for any reason, you can create a dispute and claim a refund of your money. Note that investigations will have to be done to ascertain your claims. Be honest, too, in your claims.

Is good?

Should I claim it is the best? I really like this essay writing service, and I’ve grown to be confident in them. Unlike many other writing services, Paperleaf gives you access to the writers’ profiles, and you can choose any that you want as long as you can pay them. You can freely look at their track record and make a decision. This is certainly better than those services where you only communicate with the business managers, and your work is assigned to any writer.  

Is safe?

Very safe indeed. Your privacy is adequately protected, and your details will not be shared with any third party. There are some who are skeptical about the fact that you must give your email before making an order. Note that this is solely for the purpose of communication.

Story was founded with the basic aim of easing students’ lives. Having come to terms with the sort of difficulties youngsters go through in the course of their education, a team of top university graduates brought their minds together and formed the company.

There is little information on exactly when this company was founded. I bet the term “relatively new” can perfectly apply to this company. And in a broader sense, be sure it has not been in operation for more than 10 years.  


Below is a list of the top services handled by Paperleaf:

  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers
  • Critical thinking
  • College applications
  • Coursework
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Business plans
  • General assignments

The above is definitely not exhaustive. University papers are as broad as the universe itself. The firm prides itself on the ability to handle virtually any article type you can think of. The same is true regarding the fields of study they cover.


Prices definitely vary by your requirements and the specific writer you choose. Just to bring you on board with the facts, I recently ordered a one-page essay on The Impact of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic on Freelancers. A one-page essay translates to 275 words, i.e. with double spacing.

The first three writers I was presented with had quotes of $ 42.00, $ 28.00, and $ 29.25. The names of these writers were Prof. Caroline, Prof. Adam, and Dr. Marvedene! Feels good to know my essay will be handled with such qualified persons. The site further allows you to either accept the quotes or chat further with the individual writers on the way forward.

By using the Chat option, you can evaluate the track record of the writer in terms of how many papers he has completed and what the customers had to say of his work. The more experienced the writer, the higher you will have to pay.


Once you settle on a specific writer, the next step is to fund the contract. Paperleaf operates on an escrow basis, in that the funds are held by some form of middleman until the work is completed. You only release the funds to the writer once your work is complete and you are satisfied.

Payment is made through Visa and MasterCard. This looks a bit limited, but can still work.


I assure none can get better than this firm. The team itself tells you the kind of work you expect to receive. They maintain real profiles of writers that you can count on. Do you recall the professors and doctors I mentioned? Yea, those are the kind of guys who will handle your work. Expect no careless typos and grammar errors in your essay. Be sure also of good content that answers your question.

But that is not to say all the writers on the platform are 100% perfect. Remember, there are beginners on the site who may not be as good as the experts. If you happen to choose the beginners, keep an open mind regarding the quality of work you will receive. The good thing about it is that revisions are free.  

Customer Service

With a 24/7 customer support hotline, I wonder what more I can demand of them. Be it late night or early morning or midday; there will always be someone to answer your queries. They are friendly too, and that is what we expect of them. The individual writers may however not be available round the clock as they are human and they need to take rest every now and then

Website Usability

With only 5 top menu items, your mind is quickly ushered into all the site has to offer. The simpler, the better – as far as I am concerned, and I hope you too. All else is a walk down the park – self-explanatory!

Pros | Cons


  • 24/7 availability
  • Ability to choose your preferred writer
  • Unequalled quality
  • Escrow system of paying for orders
  • Covers numerous subjects, any type of assignment
  • Fairly good online reputation


  • Rates above industry standards
  • Limited payment options
  • No clear discounts for new or loyal customers
  • Direct chats with writers can prove disadvantageous as some do not understand customer relations
  • Very strict money-back guidelines
  • Pay more for better quality

You will agree with me that is the best Canadian essay writing service. Apart from the few cons associated with the service, the company strives to give the best experience to the customer. They ensure you enjoy the entire process from placing orders, selecting writers and receiving your final paper. Try them now!