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Going through a number of reviews we found shared opinions on the services offered by this site, their claims to supply finite quality products and the impact they have on the students’ life. Seeing some unexplored potential of this site, we decided to go through with a thorough review of our own, meant to shift the balance towards one of the two opposing sides.

We pride ourselves on our unbiased experience in reviewing websites to immediately sniff out those operators out to make a quick buck, regardless of their clientele, or the honest business which occasionally slips up but genuinely invests quality in their services. The criteria used to evaluate college-papers are the same ones we’ve imparted in every case thus far: increased attention to security measures and data protection, a sound business based on supplying quality, a balanced correlation between the services and their cost, treating the customer fair and answering their request with professionalism.

Overview is a business which focuses on the quality of services offered to their customers, drawing their profit in a natural way through the healthy process of creating a special connection with the satisfied clients that return for additional times, rather than from pushing precarious tasks, only to reach a high quantitative quota. The main objective and declared mission of this website is to provide its customers with high quality college papers. is meant to act as a paid tutor for the students, aiding in:

  • relieving the stress of deadlines and crushing amount of work
  • buying extra time to study at the matters which additionally challenge or interest the student
  • improving their writing skills by seeing other points of view, writing styles, ideas presentation, which they can afterwards adapt and make their own
  • increasing their grades, while adding information to their knowledge, as the ultimate objective

Opposed to other similar writing services, the operator prefers to focus entirely on a smaller range of services, serving solely the niche pertaining to college students but making sure that the quality of the papers is high, rather than spread the time and available writers on a more comprehensive array of services while sacrificing quality for sheer numbers.

  From our own experience with this website, we can state that it’s a legit business, keen to help their clients to the best of their knowledge. And while the end result is prone to subjective appreciations, our opinion is that there is no intention of foul play, but rather punctual misunderstandings, which can be resolved either by submitting the essays to free revisions, with the help of the customer support department or by making use of the refund policy. Either way, a solution to sensible issues seems to be found most of the time.

We can also attest to the safety measures put in place by the website’s operator, whether we’re talking about the personal or the financial data. The privacy policy is adapted to comply with personal information laws throughout the world: the GDPR for European customers, as well as the specifics of each state for the US residents. As for the financial operations go, the methods accepted for payment are among the most secure in the world, according to general acceptance. The site also has a 256 bit SSL encryption, as any serious online business installs.

Given that making things simple is part of their way of conducting business, ordering a paper on works swiftly by:

  • submitting the details of the task
  • paying the calculated price, according to the publicly available table of costs
  • tracking the status of the work, from start to finish
  • receiving and downloading the requested paper


As any guest on this website can acknowledge from their very first visit, the site presents information in a friendly manner, being almost playful. For instance, in the About Us section, the first image that greets users is of a meter, which dynamically measures the number of days that the site has been at people’s disposal. At the time we’ve completed our college paper review, there were over 4000 days since the start of their adventure, meaning a bit over 11 years of writing essays for college students.

It’s an impressive piece of information, but not that startling when considering that their guarantees include always meeting the student’s instructions, regardless of the academic level or chosen topic and always on time. Top qualities for an essay writing service, which are also consistent with the number of serviced customers, amounting to 115000, coming from 38 countries around the world. More so, the afflux of clients doesn’t seem to end here, as there is an average of over 50 new clients on a daily basis. Also, there are more than 450 writers that the website collaborates with, which take good care of more than 120 finalized papers each day. The site also mentions a percentage of 95% of their customers being satisfied completely by the received services, which we deem is a bit higher than the reality, but are certain that the actual number is higher than the average nevertheless.


As previously mentioned, the business strategy of this site, the one which accounts for the success proven by the numbers stated before, is to only focus on a single category of essays, which refer to college students, instead of spreading their efforts on wider categories and not being able to guarantee the same quality for their end results.

Thus, the actual services pertaining to offering quality college papers, refer to:

  • Admission services, aiding in completing the personal statement, admission essay and scholarship essay
  • Academic writing, which defines a wider section that includes: case studies, lab reports, speeches, articles critique, reaction papers, movie reviews, research papers
  • Dissertation and Thesis services
  • Various assignments, in the shape of: programming, PowerPoint presentations, problems, multiple-choice questions, statistics project
  • Editing and proofreading services

Also, although not usually listed as one of the services provided by such a site, we would like to include the blog section here as well. We’re considering it a sort of free informative service, as it contains 170 tips for students on essay writing related subjects.


The pricing table is similar to that used by various other competitors as well, having the costs modified according to the time frame needed to complete the task and the type of paper to be written. They include a higher price depending on the subject area, as some might need deeper research than others, for instance, accounting and banking supposedly require more insights than, let’s say cinematics. Also, international expansion is obvious when looking at the available currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD.

The lowest price comes for a paper of standard quality and a deadline of 10 days, being situated at $19.99 for each page. On the opposite side, the highest price per page is of $62.69, for a platinum quality essay, on a complicated topic, which requires an urgent completion, in no more than 3 hours.

There are two main aspects that we’ve observed in this price table. The first is that, even though the minimum cost might seem on the expensive side, being well above average, the period of time in which the essay must be done is also small, of only 10 days. As for the price, it’s easily comparable to the one that other services ask for 30 or even 60 days urgency, deadlines that we’re not sure are realistic, as there aren’t any professors to hand out assignments with this much time in advance.

Second, we’ve noticed there are three levels pertaining to the essay’s required quality: standard, premium and platinum. Besides the price, they also differentiate through other traits:

  • The standard papers refer to simple assignments, which don’t require extensive knowledge or research on the specific subject. It’s recommended for papers meant for high school, college or bachelor students and it refers to a style that an MA degree holder could complete.
  • The Premium quality is meant for bachelor, graduate, master and PhD students, which need more intricate ideas and writing style. They’re realized either by an MA with proven writing experience of by a PhD.
  • Platinum employs the highest level of expertise, having writers with PhD degrees and specialized in the specific domain the paper refers to, doing a thorough research and coming up with a unique, high-quality essay. offers an extensive discount section, rewarding loyalty, as each order higher than $50 receives 15% off. Also, depending on the number of pages ever requested, any customer gets 5% discount when in the 15-50 pages interval, increasing to 10% when overpassing 51 up until 100 total pages and culminating with 15% after amounting to at least 101 pages ever ordered.


The banking methods accepted by this operator are the classic options used for online financial transactions. Unfortunately, none of the more modern alternatives are available, as for instance, e-wallets. Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel like having the access restricted on this account, seeing how the payment can be finalized by:

  • Wire transfer
  • Visa credit or debit card
  • MasterCard and Maestro cards
  • American Express credit cards
  • Discover cards


We’ve already expressed our opinion on the view the writers and the site operator have with the quality offered to their customers. Sure, we’ve found some college paper reviews set against this website, but from our experience, we’ve had our expectations met. It’s a discussion of whether those that felt wrong have actually chosen the appropriate category of service. Meaning that if one pays for the standard quality, expectations shouldn’t be that the essay is written at PhD level. The categories are explicitly detailed and we’ve found them to be true to their claims.

Also, there aren’t that many negative feedbacks referring to deadlines being overpassed, or that instructions haven’t been respected. This tells us that on the technical part, the writers are diligent and respect their customers. The only aspect remaining prone to negative feedback is that referring to the ideas and writing style, which can be explained up to a point through the subjectivity or different expectations of the clients.

An aspect pertaining to the quality of services that we’ve appreciated highly and which we haven’t seen at many similar services is the possibility to observe the stage a paper is in, from the moment it’s assigned to a writer until it’s received via email.

Customer Service

Essay writing services need to treat their customers with professionalism and patience, while understanding the pressure and stress each student who asked for their help, goes through. A quick method to get in touch with someone when things don’t go the way they’d like is mandatory. has instated multiple ways to ensure swift communication:

  • 24/7 live chat
  • Phone numbers supported for US and UK
  • Email for the less urgent requests
  • FAQ page which hasn’t the most informative answers, unfortunately
  • The option to directly contact the appointed writer
  • The possibility to track the order through its different stages

Website Usability

This is perhaps one of the best organized sites of paper writing we’ve come across. The information is detailed, but it’s not crammed onto the main page, or hard to deduct in which section it might be discovered. Better yet, each crucial information regarding the services the site supplies is set in a simple, playful but relevant context, easy to the eye, but without actually ignoring it.

Users should have no problem navigating this site, the menu bar being quite explanatory with its sections leading to the most important aspects, grouped as: Home, Services, Prices, Discounts, Guarantees, Samples, Contact, Orders and Blog.

Also, there’s a marketing stunt we’ve appreciated, showing initiative and outside-the-box thinking: testimonials on what a good job the operator does, appear on each page, the viewer permanently having under its eyes some words of praise.


  • Informative blog section
  • Impressive discounts rewarding loyalty
  • Live tracking the order
  • Directly contacting the appointed writer
  • Well organized website
  • Positive testimonials appearing on each page


  • Few data on the owning company
  • Writers selection process undetailed
  • Somewhat ambiguous price categories
  • Costs above the industry average
  • E-wallets not a payment method
  • Most FAQs have an identical answer

There are several characteristics we’ve outlined in our review that make us recommend this essay writing service. Although there are some unavoidable slips, as everyone is open to mistakes, we believe their heart is in the right place, namely towards offering quality papers to college students in need. The better part of the experience has been pleasant and with a favorable overall impression, we give two thumbs up for accessing this website.

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