DoMyEssay Review 2020


With loads of assignments and pressure, students struggle to find a reliable platform where they can get help from the writing experts online. In this digital era, when technology is easily accessible, students depend on getting help online through writing and proofreading services. The Internet allows you to do your research and find any informative material regarding your school/college project with just a few clicks. This also leads to high competition and increases the chance of plagiarism. Online writing platforms such as provides services to create original and plagiarism-free content in order for the students to ace their projects. Choosing the perfect online service for your project can be overwhelming which is why we have come up with an honest review about services. This will help you decide whether is a perfect fit for you or not.

Evaluation Criteria:

You will find numerous online writing services with low costs but pricing should be the only concern while choosing a perfect platform. This is where we step in and help you choose a reliable writing site on the basis of various factors. While evaluating a certain site, we keep in mind the following variants:

  • Services
  • Pricing
  • Payment Method
  • Time of Delivery
  • Customer Handling
  • Quality
  • Website Usability

We take all these factors into consideration to come up with honest reviews so that students do not waste their money on fake or low-quality sites. The very first thing we did was that we also checked the customer domyessay reviews on their site. There is no surety if the reviews were fake or by the real customers. Therefore, our team decided to place an order to check the services so that we can rate them on all the factors mentioned above.

Variants to be considered while choosing a Writing Site:

Although cost-effective services are the ones that students prefer due to their budget, you need to be clear about your investment. If you are availing the services just because of the cheap prices and not getting good-quality content, then what’s the point?  Several variants should be considered while choosing a writing site. Customer support is an important factor to be taken into consideration in order to check how effective communication with the team is. If there are delays and the team is not responding on time, then the chances are that there might be a delay in the delivery too. Secondly, how friendly do you think the website interface is? Is it taking too long to get the information? This is another factor while evaluating an online writing site. It is important to always ask the team to provide a plagiarism report because everyone wants 100% unique content. Time delivery, services, and pricing are the major factors that contribute highly to the final review of an online writing site. Evaluating made us come across the pros and cons of the site that we will share later in this review.


What is

DoMyEssay is an online writing service platform that deals with customers from all over the world by providing writing services. The site provides you with options to choose from native or non-native writers.

Is legit?

According to the official site of DoMyEssay, every writer is taken on board once they pass the 4-hour test online. The writers are also required to provide their previous papers for assessment. Furthermore, the site also claims to run monthly check-ups on the writers by taking an evaluation test twice a month. Another important thing that we noticed was that claims to be a Hong Kong based company, however, the numbers mentioned on the site are either of the UK or US. That was quite confusing for us!

Is a scam?

After an extensive research and evaluation procedure, we wouldn’t say that it’s a scam. However, there are a lot of things that the company is claiming which are not true. The official site shows a lot of positive domyessay reviews that might be fake. Other than the website, there are more negative reviews than the positive ones on other sites.

How does work?

Just like any other writing services platform, asks for the details including topics, guidelines, paper type, formatting style, the package that you want to choose. We created an account and paid for through PayPal. The site offers other payment methods as well such as credit cards, VISA, etc.

Is good?

After an extensive research about the services that provide, we realized that people were not satisfied with the results. Most of the comments mentioned on the sites other than contained concerns regarding the quality. Furthermore, the site claims to produce 100% error-free content, however there were also customers who had experienced spelling and grammatical issues in their papers too.

Is safe?

So we have come to the question i.e. whether is safe or not? The official site claims to have a strict confidentiality policy as they ensure that no data of their customers is shared with any of the third party. They also have various payment methods including Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, etc. and do not share customers’ information with any other party. Overall, the site is safe when it comes to the safety of your personal data.

Story is a Hong Kong based writing service company that claims to provide the customers with top quality content. Furthermore, they also claim to have Ph.D. qualified writers. However, upon our research, we found out that many students were not satisfied with the outcome of their orders at The quality was not up to the mark which clearly shows that all the writers might not be qualified enough. As mentioned above, we placed an order at to check how the site works. We wanted to experience their services before giving them a review. Here is what we found:


First of all, the list of services is mentioned on the homepage of the site. The site shows a quite long list of services that are common and can be availed from other online writing websites too. Secondly, they promise high-quality paper as mentioned on the official website but the paper that we got from them was not up to the mark. The instructions were not fully followed. The site makes us think that they have experts on board in a wide range of fields. In reality, they do not have qualified writers in many areas such as engineering and psychology.


Pricing is a major concern, especially to the students. It might be the first thing that students look for while choosing an online writing site for their assignments. claims to have affordable prices but when we did some calculations, we did not find the prices pocket-friendly as compared to the other sites. The prices at depends on the following factors:

1) How urgent you want your assignment or the deadline (10 days, 7 days, 5 days, 4 days, 3 days, 2 days, 24 hours, 12 hours, 8 hours, and 6 hours)

2) As you increase the number of pages, the final prices increases automatically

3) The type of paper that you want such as essay, dissertation, review, etc.

4) Academic Level of your assignment that includes four levels i.e. High school, College, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Ph.D.

So we chose an undergraduate level and added other details like the number of pages and the type of paper. The price kept increasing as we were adding details. Our final bill was more than $300 which did not include a plagiarism report or professional proofreading. That’s correct! They have additional charges.


According to their privacy policies, their payment methods are safe and secure. They have various international payment platforms integrated on their site including American Express, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and Delta. There is also a bar made for discount coupon code if you have any. Usually, does not offer discounts and offers.


Quality should be the major focal point if you are a service providing company. If a person is spending money on your services then you are obliged to cater to them with good quality. You will find some positive reviews on but they are too general. The other reviewing sites tell another story. Most of the customers had issues with the quality of the papers they got. The company trust depends on the quality they provide to the customers. Although we knew what was coming, we still wanted to experience the services. It did not seem that the paper was written by a Ph.D. writer. You will find many comments on the sites like sitejabber, who had the same issue.

Customer Service

Let’s head over to another important aspect of the review i.e. customer service. The customer support team has all the authority to make the first impression on their customers. How efficiently they deal with customers? Are they catering to the issues their customers are facing? The customer service at is available 24/7 which is their plus point. They should more focus on dealing with the customers. We asked for a sample before placing an order. The form does not show any samples from which we can check the quality. When we addressed the issue, they told us that they would look into the issue. Guess what? We never got any writing samples.

Website Usability

When you first go to the homepage, there is a lot going on. We found the website a bit too wordy. Even the homepage has too much text on it. Furthermore, our main concern was the order placement process. The form is too complicated. It adds up further charges as you keep filling the form with your details. Many other sites provide their customers with the packages inclusive of plagiarism report. As you add the option of plagiarism report or professional proofreading, your final charges increases. We really thought that the form should have been less complicated.

Pros and Cons:


  1. They provide payment security with 100% confidentiality of your personal data. The site has integrations of international payment methods.
  2. The availability of the customer support team is 24/7. You can reach out the team on the live chat.
  3. The response from the customer support team is instant.
  4. You can reach out to the team through an email or phone as well, other than the live chat option.
  5. Affordable prices for basic papers. If you are college student, then your assignments won’t cost much.
  6. offers a refund policy, in case you are not satisfied with your paper.


  1. Poor quality – Most of the do my essay reviews were about the quality of content that they provide to the customers. Also, many customers complained about the spelling and grammatical errors.
  2. claims to have affordable prices but when you fill up the form and add options such as number of pages, deadline, etc., the final price keeps getting high.
  3. They do not provide any writing samples even if you ask them to.
  4. The site claims to have a full money back guarantee but in reality, many people had issues with the policy. They asked for the refund and did not get any.
  5. depicts having expert native writers having Ph.D. but it is all very clear that the reality is otherwise. There are many
  6. depicts having expert native writers having Ph.D. but it is all very clear that the reality is otherwise. There are many reviews on other sites in which customers have mentioned that the writers are not qualified enough.

The purpose of reviewing an online writing site called was to bring a clear image to the customers. We were quite disappointed by the services that we got from the site. Furthermore, there were numerous negative reviews that we found on the other sites about services. Many students struggled with their grades after availing of the services of this site. There are a lot of promises and guarantees mentioned on the official site but the reality is the opposite of it. Students are usually short on budget. If they are spending their money to get good quality content, then it is unfair to them if they are not getting quality. We would not recommend this site to anyone because of the lack of quality, poor customer service, lack of writing samples, unqualified writers, and high prices.

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