Edusson Review 2020 is one of the best essay writing companies providing online services to students. Before buying any services from the site, many customers prefer to check the Edusson reviews to get an idea about how the company works. For students who wish to excel in their exams, this company has proven to be instrumental in the writing of academic papers, essays as well as articles.

Edusson Overview

The art of writing is complex, and very few students can put up a credible paper worth a good grade. Before writing an essay, it is essential to understand the basic structure that is needed. This calls for individual skills and brilliance, which may not be many learners’ strongholds. Edusson comes in handy to solve the disparities in the education sector, putting students on a uniform level where they can take pride in the essays that they write. In this review, we shall explore the various aspects of Edusson and establish why it is the most preferred essay writing platform.

What is Edusson?

This is an online company that offers online services to clients who either do not have the expertise to write their papers or simply have no time to generate their essays. Essentially, the company hires experts as human resources that have knowledge in various fields. They are allocated student tasks, and once they submit, the company pays them. If you have a specialization, you can apply to work in the company as a writer. Simply email your credentials and sample projects to the company, and if you qualify, you will be hired.

For clients who are looking for help from the site, you will log into the website and find the ‘Order’ section and make your request. If you need more clarifications, there is a Live chat section that links you to customer care agents that will give you solutions. They are friendly and willing to address all your concerns. More so, you will be guided on how to navigate the site and find the writer of your choice.

Story of

Individuals and institutions have positive testimonies about this company. Most of the information is sourced from the reviews, which are readily available on the site. Other reliable reports have data that is critical in developing the reviews. Due to the reliability of this data, you should be confident that the reviews are genuine and have not been developed out of bias.

On the overall scale, Edusson is a reputable company that has massive positive reviews. Websites that conduct reviews have indicated that this company has the easiest way of obtaining essays. They testify that the bidding system is ideal because of the competitive prices exhibited by the company. Prospective writers also agree to the fact that Edusson offers the best prices in the industry. Almost every Edusson review mentions that the company has a great policy of ensuring quality through its hiring process. For instance, you can only be hired as a writer if you prove that you have attained a Bachelor’s degree in the field that you are applying for. More details in the reviews show that the company is strict on deadlines and students enjoy quick deliveries even if they have urgent orders.

Edusson’s Services

For clients who intend to subscribe to Edusson, you should be looking for services that range from rewriting, editing and writing from scratch. All levels of education, starting from high school to PhD, are accommodated. The papers that are offered under these primary services include:

  • Dissertation
  • Essay writing,
  • Case study
  • Article Review
  • Term paper
  • Research proposal
  • Thesis
  • Capstone project etc.

How Does Edusson Work?

Edusson works by providing services to students and also as a source of employment to the writers. Students can place an order and follow up to find the best writer that will work on it. There are many writers with varied expertise, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your paper. Besides, the delivery is timely. However, the least amount of time for you to make an order is 3 hours. For a customer to order the above services, irrespective of the academic level, they must have $7.5 for every page ordered. This is a fair price for students compared to other companies in the industry. Surprisingly, despite the low prices, papers are tested and delivered without any form of plagiarism. Writers working for Edusson have an easy time because they are allocated tasks within their areas of specialization. Students should be more confident that papers delivered to them are of high quality, written by specialists. Pricing

Every review indicates that this company has one of the fairest pricing models. For instance, customers can pay as low as $7.5 for a page. Nonetheless, this is an average rate, but there are other conditions that can slightly increase the price, they include bids of writers and deadlines. For example, if a client makes a 2-page order with 1 source within 10 days, bid for writers will be between $30-36.

On the other hand, a 1-page order with 1 source ranges from $18-24, if the deadline is extended. The company does not have a static list of prices; instead, your order will rely on various conditions. Alternatively, you will learn about the actual cost of your order when you make fill out the order form that generates the price depending on your specific needs.

Payment Methods at Edusson

When choosing a service of this kind, you have to be careful about the available methods that will enable your payment. In your capacity as a student, you may have limited forms of payment, maybe just a bank card. Edusson is a company that offers an array of payment platforms that include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal

Compared to other sites, Edusson has minimal payment platforms, and it can be a source of disappointment to some clients. However, on a bigger scale, the payment options should not cause any discomfort among students. The Visa Debit card is a common item amongst students; therefore, the company has entirely catered to their needs. Some few students who are privileged to access other payment platforms like Paypal have a more significant advantage.

The process of payment is smooth and exhibits minimal constraints during transactions. Clients can execute transactions in a few seconds. The whole exercise is simplified, and students can follow without going through too many instructions. It is also very secure. Just like it is common among all service providers, students are asked to make a deposit to guarantee order.

Quality of Edusson Services

When you go through reviews, you realize that the company complies with all academic standards established by education centers. The site is alert to the fact that quality is paramount for any given work. Education matters are so important in the life cycle of a human being and with this understanding, Edusson has placed much emphasis on quality. If you place your order, be guaranteed that all rules will be followed because this is a legal entity. All your essays will be delivered with strict reference to the required standards. In this sense, you will receive value for money. Your orders will be free from plagiarism because writers have been trained to write original content. They have been informed of the strict academic rules which do not condone any kind of plagiarism.

The writing team at Edusson understands what it means to deliver quality work. Before starting out to write the essay, they interrogate the core aspects that are required in the essay. After establishing the facts, they proceed to develop a structure that will address the question. If you have specific instructions about the structure, they will strictly follow it. That is how the company maintains high-quality standards. When a client makes an order, a writer cannot begin working on it before clarifying what the teacher expects. Customers expect great content that can only be generated by sourcing for the right information. The primary aim of paying for a service like this is to get better grades and move to the next level. Therefore, quality must be the first priority.

Customer Service

One of the factors that make Edusson the best option is the excellent customer service. If you have any questions, you will always find a form to fill and explain your concern. Once you click on submit, you will be redirected to a live chat where you will find a support agent to respond to you. Depending on the question you ask, the support team will try to answer in their best of knowledge. Customer support services are offered on a 24/7 basis, meaning you can channel your question through the live chat at any time of the day. This is even favorable for students living in other countries since they are not affected by time differences.

In the contact section, you will find two categories of emails. One belongs to the customers, while writers use the other. If you are a student coming from Ireland, Australia, USA, France, Ukraine and Spain, you can make an order from the site. Learners from USA, UK and Australia can access the Edusson local website. Customers who own iPhones have an advantage because the company provides the bonus of downloading an app from the App Store.

Website Usability

The aspect of web usability has been neglected by many companies when it actually matters to the user. However, a user will either appreciate a site or denounce it just at the first impression. You must note that the design of the web depicts the quality of services that will be provided. When you log into a website, your primary desire will be to enjoy seamless transitions from one icon to another. Many users prefer sites that are simple to navigate so that they make their requests faster. Statistics show that around 40% of internet users prefer to visit websites that have the least complexity to enable smooth navigation. The Edusson site exhibits such characteristics, making it a very friendly platform. The interface has few icons that are excellently arranged; thus, the system is not detailed.

While developing the design, website experts did a great job of including the right concept that is friendly to the user and appealing to the eye. As you navigate the menu, you will have an easy time, and you will never get lost on the way. The choice of color was perfect, and it is an aspect that boosts visibility. For instance, the site was developed in blue and white colors that are pleasing to the user. Apart from the quality of services provided, Edusson has a sense of class that is evident in the choice of design and appearance of the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Availability of free essay papers
  • A simple website that is easy to navigate
  • Customer service available on a 24/7 basis
  • Quality work at affordable prices
  • No Plagiarism
  • Expert writers from various fields


  • Some writers use fake profiles
  • Lengthy ordering process
  • Higher prices compared to other sites
  • Limited content-Edusson mainly focuses on essays
  • Advanced payment is required
  • Strict policy regarding revisions and refunds

Is Edusson Legit?

 The common question internet users ask about Edusson is whether it is legit. The answer is yes, the site is legit. The company hires actual writers who deliver legitimate writing services to the clients. It may not be possible to meet the writers in person, but the testimonies and reviews by customers confirm that indeed the site is satisfactory. Therefore, Edusson is the most favorable platform that you can make your orders.

Is Edusson Safe?

According to the reviews, customers have expressed confidence in the website as a secure platform that safeguards personal identity. You can be sure that your bank details will be secure and confidential even after including them under your payment details. Nobody can use your details to access the site on your behalf.


If you are a student looking forward to increase grades, Edusson is your perfect partner. You will find quality and unique products that guarantee you success at affordable prices. With a wide range of professionals and navigable site, you have no reason to look elsewhere.

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