EssayEdge Review 2020

Essayedge is an online-based editing and proofreading company, not an academic writing service as many people think. The high-level essay editing company has its focus on undergraduate, graduate and the more professional market.

Essay Edge Overview

According to EssayEdge, the New York Times considers them as the premier college admission and essay editing service. The company claims to employ more than 200 Ivy League graduates from Stanford, Princeton, Yale, and Harvard. EssayEdge is where you go when you need your paper polished before the deadline.

In this Essay Edge review, we decided to test whether the EssayEdge can be trusted. We explored the platform and searched the internet for reviews, customer complaints and comments on the services offered by EssayEdge. If that’s not enough, we placed an order to get a real experience of working with EssayEdge.

This EssayEdge review as the answer to questions such as “EssayEdge legit?”, “EssayEdge scams?” and many more. From what we gathered, our impression about EssayEdge is that it offers terrible services. Continue reading to understand why and learn something new about the company.

Story of

Academic writing has always been a nightmare for many students. Most of these cases have been solved by many letting someone do your work or get psyched up and attempt the task. However, those who have tried to do their assignments and essays are not sure that they have done the right things.

Since you can’t wholly rely on your skills for your editing, EssayEdge claims to help students improve their writing. The site offers the following guarantees in their Terms of Service:

  • Editing services
  • Settle disputes in 90 days of receiving the order
  • 24-hour rash
  • Two times of proofreading

We could not rely on the reputation created by testimonials on the website or social media platforms. Having searched for constructive critique from various Essay Edge reviews, customer complaints or comments in reputable sites such as Reddit, Yahoo Answers, SiteJabber and TrustPilot. We didn’t find anything helpful from Reddit and Yahoo answers.

There were mixed EssayEdge reviews on SiteJabber and TrustPilot. By the time we were reviewing this site, EssayEdge had 24 reviews on Trustpilot with an excellent general rating and 20 reviews on SiteJabber with an excellent overall rating. Most of the negative Essay Edge reviews were complaints of basic and overpriced proofreading and editing services.

We manage to get a rough draft of a college essay from an MBA top-level university student that needed to be polished before it was submitted. First, we identified the mistakes and errors in the paper which we would use to benchmark with the results from the EssayEdge editor.

We selected the most basic editing service level with a 48-hour turnaround time. For such a high price, we had high expectations of this paper in terms of quality and format improvements. We were also eager to see if EssayEdge would outdo us.

We received the document back in less than one day. The editor caught several typos, spelling mistakes and grammar errors from the paper, but still, there were some they missed. Noticeably, the editor did not format the reference according to academic standards. The tone and content of the paper were just as we had submitted it.

It seems like the editor was not thorough enough because the document was not that compelling as we had expected, especially coming from an Ivy League editor. We asked for the revision of the paper, just to give the editor more time.

The final draft wasn’t all different from the first, but the grammar was much better. The editor moved and removed some things, but the overall structure was still the same. Overall, we were not pleased with their editing and proofreading services. EssayEdge scams? From the results we received, it easy to conclude that is a rip-off. legit? Having 20 years of experience in essay writing and easy ordering process, they look pretty much legit. However, we have encountered some issues with the quality of their basic service, also, the pricing of the services provided seemed a little unreasonable for editing.

Services of EssayEdge

EssayEdge strictly offers editing, proofreading and interview preparation services. Their services are available for school and academic papers such as essays, personal statements, statement of purpose, admission or application documents (letters & essays), scholarship essays, motivational letter and letters of recommendation.

The services cover areas of academic studies such as MBA, Law, Medical School, Literature, Psychology, Hospitality, Computer Science, Social Work, Education, Accounting, Architecture, Engineering, Science and among others. The services are tailor-made for college, graduate and postgraduate students and school applicants.

EssayEdge Premier service package offers brainstorming sessions and personal consultations, which is more of a tutoring and coaching services. EssayEdge claims to use MA and PhD level editors that specialize in a particular area and guarantees to fix any mistakes in the papers of their customers.

How does EssayEdge work?

First and foremost, new customers have to register before they can place an order on the platform. The ordering process is simple: submit a paper, pay for the order and wait for the editors to proofread or edit your work.

According to EssayEdge, placing an order takes three steps:

  1. Upload your papers – the system automatically identifies the number of words
  2. Provide contact information, choose the type of service and select a particular editor
  3. Pay for the order and wait for the final draft

Going by the standard settings, you will receive the order within 48 hours. However, there is an option for 24-hour delivery.

Pricing at

Pricing in EssayEdge depends on a progressive pricing strategy and number of words on the page. offers three service packages: Proofreading, Standard, And Premium. Each service plan has its unique benefits and pricing rate.

  • Proofreading offers the essential smartening services to polish the paper and tidy it up.
  • The Standard package offers constructive critique, content and tone improvement, proofreading, and a more compelling and relevant essay as a result.
  • Premium plan offers a comprehensive service which includes two rounds of critiques and brainstorming session, a run-through of the essay, and a phone conference to finalize all the details.

According to EssayEdge, the price of editing and proofreading a 600-word document starts at $69 in proofreading, $149 in standard and $379 for premier service. They also offer a mock interview service for a price of $199 that includes an emailed evaluation – each extra hour costs $69.

We did not find any free features or loyalty programs from EssayEdge, only special features such as the 24-hour rush order ($59) and second reading (additional 50% to the order price). There is also a 20% off on your request for subscribing to the EssayEdge email newsletter.

Some EssayEdge reviews talk of vague EssayEdge coupon, discounts and promo codes on essay editing services with no details of how to apply or redeem them. According to customer support, the site has regular treats and special offers for first-time users. However, your chances of getting an EssayEdge coupon with a substantial discount is minimal.

Many Essay Edge reviews, the primary concern among students and customers is the high prices of EssayEdge services. From the look of things, we agree that the services in this platform are not cheap, and the cost could be times the editing rate in content writing services.

Payment Methods at Essayedge

There was no reference from any EssayEdge review we read on the payment method that is provided by EssayEdge. According to the website, they accept credit cards, PayPal, and Alipay, which does not give specific details of the card services.

The best way to find out about Payment in EssayEdge is to create an order. It will be very disappointing and time-consuming to go through the ordering process only to find out that you can’t use the services.

Quality of Essayedge Services

As expected, most students will go for quality products and services when searching for an essay writing company. The content and the support team responsiveness matter a lot when it comes to quality.

EssayEdge approaches quality content by hiring editors with degrees from top universities and years of experience. They claim to have high-quality editors who can provide you with valuable feedback and edits for College, Graduate School, MBA, Medical, Law, and Academic Essays.

In their team page, you can only see a few of the company’s editors or proofreaders with limits information about their experience at a glance; you just have to click on the image to view their bios. Unfortunately, the site does not provide links to the ratings, awards or previous works of the editors.

We are also aware that the company addresses quality issues through their money-back guarantee. However, there is not much information about their refund program in their privacy policy and terms of service.

Besides unclear and costly pricing, the other big issue about is poor editing and proofreading services. We found simple mistakes on the paper we submitted. Chances are some of their editors or proofreaders in their team have a basic understanding of the English language.

From our experience testing the quality of editing and proofreading service in EssayEdge, we discovered that they mostly fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, and sometimes format the essay. There was nothing special about the services that EssayEdge offers.

Customer Service

Since quality also deals with support team responsiveness, in this section, we are going to look at the customer service experience in EssayEdge. We tested the quality of customer support offered by the company.

Besides the FAQ section, you can get more information about EssayEdge and answers to your questions by reaching their support team through Live Chat, email and helpline. We noticed that their Live chat was not always online.

According to Essay Edge reviews, there are delays in getting a response from the EssayEdge support representative. As much as the customer support was polite, getting their attention when making a complaint is challenging.

More than one EssayEdge review talked about how the customer support service was incompetent and unprofessional. There are specific times for customer service support: Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm MST. Unfortunately, you won’t find 24/7 support service in Essay edge.

Website Usability

EssayEdge has a user-friendly interface and website design. The first thing you see when you open the website is a picture to create a positive impression of the company. Their site offers a less than 3-minute video that briefly describes their services. Besides the video is a “Buy Now” button which you can use to begin the ordering process.

From the homepage, you can access their editorial team, FAQ section, About Us section, reasonably well-written blog and an extensive list of services. However, there is not much information about this essay writing services. uses a series of example essay projects to showcase their editing and proofreading services. You go through the free academic paper samples in each service and gauge their quality of content. Their blog is a great tool to understand the requirements of the admission board, and comes with tips on answering questions.

Some EssayEdge reviews suggest that the information on the website is minimal and less organized. Other say that there is a ton of content to read from the site but not clear to explain what the company offers. Furthermore, you can’t find the background history of the company. Other users have found it challenging to notice tiny chat button at the bottom right-hand side.

Is EssayEdge safe? A clause in the EssayEdge terms and conditions suggest that the company keeps the right to adapt, publish, and create derivatives from the files you upload. Therefore, they can use the material you submit.

Pros | Cons


  • Work with the editor of choice
  • Fast and on-time delivery
  • Range of price options for editing and proofreading services
  • Expert assistance and advice
  • Supportive premier services
  • A range of services


  • High and unclear pricing
  • Basic editing and proofreading services
  • Lack of free features, discounts and 24/7 support service
  • Communication with the editor is limited
  • Slow and incompetent support team
  • Limited custom writing services


Is EssayEdge Good? No, it is not! The only thing you can get from this site is advice and tips on custom writing. Their editing and proofreading services are too expensive for a student. You can’t get customer support when you need it.

From our essay Edge review, we were disappointed about the quality of service we received – the price didn’t match the kind of service we received. Their high prices confirm that it is not a service for college or university students.

It is a site designed for people who can write their academic papers from scratch and need a second look from a professional. Some EssayEdge reviews suggest that you will not find any ordinary essay or paper service on this site. It is better to find other services that can help you write your essay from scratch.

Their services may not be helpful for native speakers as they focus on international and ESL students. You can try to find other websites that offer cheaper proofreading or editing services.

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