EssayVikings Review 2020

In recent years, essay writing services have become popular with students and other professionals. While there are many companies, very few companies are truly reliable. It often takes a bit of research to find a good company.

This company has partnership programs in Canada, Australia, UK and US.


Academic writing services focus on just one thing: writing academic papers. But if you try out a few companies, you will find that the quality of content is not the same. has already gained a reputation as a provider of high-quality content. The company really wants to help students who do not have enough time to write their academic papers.

To ensure reliability and accuracy, uses a few amazing features. It has a huge customer base that includes students and other professionals from all over the world. Now we are going to focus on a few aspects of the company.

What is EssayVikings?

In recent years, it has become a leading company of its type and gained huge popularity among students and other professionals who sometimes need to get their papers written.

The company is popular with not only students but also many other professionals. The business policy of this writing service is to provide high-quality content at a relatively low price and grow its customer base. It seems this business model has worked very well.  

Is EssayVikings legit?

You have probably heard that some writing services are scams. But there is no chance that you will hear about EssayVikings scams. They simply do not take place. 

Also, you will not have to deal with the problem of plagiarism when you are using the services of Plagiarism is impossible because the company is very strict about the quality of its writers. 

The site is completely legit, and there are good reasons why students and other professionals are using writing services these days. If you think deeply about it, you will find that this business has a moral ground.

EssayVikings scams?

It is not easy to find affordable and qualified writing service. Even if you find one, you often have to deal with scams. If you already have an unpleasant experience with a writing service, you may find it hard to believe that companies with good intentions really exist. 

But the fact is, with EssayVikings, you will not have to face this issue. You will never hear of Viking client services scam because such things simply do not happen. You can expect to receive what you were paying for.

EssayVikings is one of the safest writing services you can find online. This is part of the reason why the company has a huge customer base. Students who buy papers from this service usually come back when they need service again. 

How does EssayVikings work?

Placing an order is super easy because EssayVikings has a user-friendly design. Using the drop-down list, you can easily find the service you’re looking for. The procedure is intuitive, and you will be able to place your other even if you have never used a writing service. 

Regardless of what type of essay you need, the chances are that you will end up finding an amazing writer. It really works in a very easy-to-understand way, and you will like the way the company takes your orders. 

Is EssayVikings good? 

There are plenty of reasons to say that EssayVikings is better than most of its strong competitors. If you know a thing or two about writing services, you know it well that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to get high quality services. You just have to do your research.

Once you have placed an order, you can expect to receive error free and high quality papers in a timely manner. Another great thing about this writing service is that it allows you to ask for revisions, which means the company puts a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction. Once the task is submitted, you can rate the writer based on your level of satisfaction. 

If you need to get an essay written within a short span of time, EssayVikings is a great choice. Writers who work for this company are highly skilled and they know what they are doing. The company respects your deadlines. What you have to do is to be clear and specific about your requirements. 

Is EssayVikings safe?

EssayVikings is among the safest writing services around, partly because it offers a money back guarantee. Yes, their Terms of Use include a refund policy. 

If you receive low quality content, you can submit a request for a refund. However, you will have to prove that the content is not good. You will have to submit the request within 3 days after receiving the paper. 

The company has been around for a while and has a strong customer base. If you read some customer reviews, you will learn that the vast majority of its customers are very happy with the services. 

There is a simple reason why EssayVikings is now among the best essay writing services around. The company puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of its services. Many writers working for this writing service are experts in their own fields.

Besides, the company always tries to keep its bidding rates low. These strategies have helped EssayVikings outperform many of its strong competitors, and the company has emerged as one of the best essay writing services. 

Scams may take place in rare cases, but they are not the norm. They are just isolated cases. When it comes to the question of safety, very few writing services are as reliable as


It is not easy to trust someone else with your papers. After all, you are hiring someone to handle an academic paper that you are supposed to write. You want the paper to be flawless and authentic so that you can get good grades. And if you end up using plagiarized content, you will get in trouble. 

The Internet is teeming with numerous writing services, and every one of them is claiming to be the best. EssayVikings was established with aspiration, and that is to provide high quality essays. With constant success, the company has emerged as a leading writing service provider. From the company’s record, it is clear that the company will achieve more success in the future. 


The company provides all types of academic and professional writing. No matter what type of paper you need to get written, you will find a writer experienced in that particular field. The company also has professional writers who provide business writing.

The writers also work on press releases, business plans and market reports. There are many professional experts working for the company, and that is why the company is capable of providing any type of content.

EssayVikings provides original and authentic papers. Before a paper is submitted to you, it is run through a plagiarism checker. You can even get your papers proofread by the professional writers working for the website.

Getting in touch with the company

It is true that most customers prefer writing services based in UK or USA. But EssayVikings is based in Cyprus, and unfortunately, the company can not be contacted by phone. You can communicate with them only via email or live chat. Some students may feel a bit discouraged by this information, but the fact is: the company is very serious about customer satisfaction.

It is unclear why the firm does not provide phone numbers. The firm probably wants to avoid the bad reactions of angry or dissatisfied customers. But this is the worst case scenario, and it does not seem to happen often.

However, providing a phone number is not the only sign of a good writing service. This is an online platform, and therefore using email and live chat is acceptable. It does not really matter whether the company provides a phone number. The only thing that matters is customer satisfaction, and EssayVikings is very serious about it.


With a risk-free payment system, EssayVikings offers papers at competitive rates. The website does not share your personal information with any third party, and in this sense, this is a trustworthy company. When it comes to paying for your paper, there are a few payment methods to choose from.

They receive your payments only when you are happy with your papers. If the paper is not written according to your instructions, you can ask for revisions. And if it still fails to meet your requirements, you can request a refund.

The website charges an average price of $18 per page. If it is a long assignment, the price may be a bit steep. If you have a very tight deadline, the price will go up. In some cases, the price is negotiable. If you read some EssayVikings reviews, you will learn that most customers are very satisfied with the prices.


EssayVikings allows you to use widely accepted payment methods such as Visa, PayPal, MasterCard and Discover. With so many ways to pay for your order, you will not have any problem with payment methods.


Before placing an order, you can see the profiles of writers and know their work history and success rates. You can also know how many tasks a particular writer has completed. The quality of an academic paper, to some extent, depends on how clearly you state the requirements.

If the line of communication is smooth, you will receive a high quality paper. It is also important to choose the right person to get the job done. However, there is little risk of choosing the wrong person, because when you talk to the writer, you will know whether he is the right person to do the job.

Now students from all over the world rely on Vikings writers. Once you have placed an order, you can expect to receive a high-quality paper. After all, quality is the reason why this website has built such a huge customer base.

Customer service

Your papers are important to you, and EssayVikings understand it. The company understands that you will need to communicate with your writer throughout the process, and that is why it provides 24/7 customer support.

When you ask something, real people, not chatbots, answer your questions. High-quality customer service is a prerequisite for any service-based online business, and that is why EssayVikings has taken customer support very seriously.

Whenever something goes wrong, you can expect to get customer service. The company has a huge number of customers, and that is why sometimes you may have to wait for a while to get replies to your queries. The website also has a FAQ section where you can easily find answers to frequently asked questions.

Website usability

One of the notable things about this writing service is that it has a visually appealing website. When you visit the website, probably the first thing you will notice is the Viking, the theme character. Although it can appeal to the audience, it is not clear why Viking is the theme character here.

The website is well-structured and easy to use. The site will not confuse you because there is no unnecessary information. It is designed to save your time and help you find what you are looking for with the least effort.

This intuitive design will help you place your order quickly, even if you have never used a writing service. The procedure is simple, and you do not need any technical knowledge to place an order.

Should you pick this service?

When using a writing service, you do not need to spend a lot of money. By doing some research, you can find a writing service that offers high-quality essays at reasonable prices. The high price tag is not the only sign of a good writing service.

One of the best things about this company is that it allows you to ask for revisions until you are completely satisfied with the work. You pay only when you think you can use the paper.

If you have a really tight deadline, EssayVikings is probably the best writing service to choose. In a ridiculously tight deadline, you may need to compromise the quality, but you can expect the writer to respect your deadline.

When you choose reliable writing service, you do not have to worry about scams, and that gives you some peace of mind. For all these reasons, EssayVikings is a really good choice. Just read an EssayVikings review and you will find plenty of other reasons!

Pros and cons

While EssayVikings is one of the best writing services online, it has some drawbacks. Now we are going to point out the major pros and cons of the website:


  • Quality content
  • Payment after receipt
  • Many different types of writing services
  • Safe payment options
  • Sample Essays
  • 24/7 customer service


  • High prices for the best quality papers
  • Some profiles do not look authentic
  • No fixed prices
  • No extra services
  • Not enough reviews of the website
  • Customer service could be better

When choosing writing services, most people look for good feedback and low prices. EssayVikings is better than most other writing services in terms of feedback and pricing. Providing original and plagiarism-free content is another reason for its popularity. The website does not share the information of its customers with any third party, and that is another great thing. is undoubtedly one of the best writing services.

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