EssayYoda Review 2020

Searching for a proper writing service, you will surely come across EssayYoda. This review includes all the useful information about the website.

Here is why you need this peer review

Even though merely every online agency offers some reviews, you should be careful with these. The reason is simple: it is not that hard to include several positive feedbacks to attract customers. A full objective review from the independent third party is a whole different story. We are here to be useful to you.

Our evaluation methods

Safety is as essential as the paper’s quality. For that reason, we decided to test the service as if we were users. The ordering procedure was smooth: we quickly ordered seven papers of different types. During the writing process, one group of people aimed at testing the Customer Support reaction. Another group tested the level of the writer’s responsiveness. Both groups could contact the needed person to resolve the issues. A special note: people are super cute on the website!

Talking about safety, we checked the papers on plagiarism and were satisfied with the 100% originality of the work. The service did not require some credentials that might compromise your identity. From our side, we managed to prove that EssayYoda is not only legit but also safe. No scams, only a high-quality and professional approach.

Choosing the right service

Before spending some money on a service, you would like to know which one fits your needs and finances. Keep in mind though that cheap service is never a good idea. So, lookup for a writing agency that provides academic papers in a particular field you need. If it is a specific work type – focus on the kind of services offered by the existing websites. It is always better if a writing service works with either liberal arts or exact sciences.


EssayYoda is a website for students who struggle with their writing assignments. Specifically, the service allows you to order the text from a professional and experienced writer. There are many topics, essay types, and formats you can choose. On the other hand, affordable prices only add to a website’s popularity.

Users prefer this platform for many reasons. Timely delivery and top-notch quality make EssayYoda a good service. In essence, it is reliable, completely secure, it offers timely delivery, and you have a chance to stay in touch with a person who writes your work. Got interested? The following EssayYoda review will tell you more about the service. You will learn the answer to the following questions: ‘EssayYoda is it reliable,` ‘is EssayYoda trustworthy,’ ‘is EssayYoda safe’, and more.


The need for such services as EssayYoda paper writing is easy to explain. Some students consider a written assignment to be an easy one. You don’t have anything but your imagination and some free time. While there is another group of students, who can’t stand the idea of sitting at home and mulling over the topic. Finally, you may want to have some rest and have no desire to do some writing tasks.

In some cases, the students simply have no idea about how exactly to create an essay. Such people may have an incorrect understanding of the importance of the text structure, the usage of credible sources, and a well-thought conclusion. Luckily, EssayYoda offers a solution!

What is EssayYoda? It is a service that will make your life easier. You have a task; they have their top writers. It is as simple as that. Thousands of young people who struggle with their writing tasks are looking for a platform that will keep their secret and provide a quality paper.


Essay for sale EssayYoda provides an excellent solution for students who require some assistance. Whenever you feel stuck in your home assignments, you may consider another approach to an issue. Many people choose EssayYoda writing service due to the lack of time. Other students need to earn some money in parallel with their studies. And don’t forget about those who are not into writing on this or that topic.

This essay platform was developed based on the expectations of the customers. Here, you can find several popular services:

  • Research paper writing.
  • Creative essay writing.
  • Individual homework paper writing.
  • School project help.
  • Help with Math problems.
  • Review of an article.
  • Admission essay writing.
  • Lab report writing.
  • Review of any art piece (including a book/movie/play).

It is worthy of mentioning that this writing agency can help you with an admission essay, scholarship essay, or even a college application essay. These types of papers require excellent writing skills. On the other side, you may be too nervous just to sit and write a good essay, especially if it is a work that represents you. In such cases, EssayYoda lends you a hand so that you impress a professor from the first lines.

The EssayYoda writers will complete merely any written assignment you are likely to get. The best thing is that by ordering a paper online, you get some features also. First and foremost, all the writers on the website are qualified specialists with long-lasting writing experience. Many of them have Ph.D. degrees. It is especially critical that your writer has enough expertise when writing a lab report or solving a math problem.

Moreover, expert writers appreciate your time and funds as well. Thus, they stick to the deadline. Talking about the financial side, you don’t pay any cent before the paper is done and perfect. Also, you can communicate with the writer throughout the writing process. Thus, you make sure that the task is clear and the required sources are used.


One of the things that interest the customers is the EssayYoda prices, of course. In this EssayYoda prices review, we will explain why this service is an excellent choice. The first thing to know is that the price entirely depends on the degree of complexity of the task. Thus, you should understand the price for a creative paper will be less than the price for a mathematical task.

At the same time, however, the cost of the service is still affordable for all the customers. On average, you will spend not more than $ 10 for a timely written assignment. Compared to similar essay writing platforms, the pricing system of the EssaYoda is quite democratic.


No matter which type of essay you need, this website offers the services that cover all the requests. The platform understands the role of customer satisfaction and provides various payment opportunities. Here are the payment methods you are free to use with EssayYoda: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, and also American Express.

The order and payment procedure looks as follows:

Specify the order instructions, including the type of the essay, number of the pages and sources, format, and due date.

Select the writing pro that appeals to you the most.

Deposit so that the writer can get down to work.

Receive the proofread work that meets the requirements and only then release the funds.


Quality work is what EssaYoda does. The keen specialists in the paper writing area fully prove their value. There are some solid reasons why we consider this platform a good one. The writers provide a paper that is of excellent quality. But what makes it that excellent?

Is EssayYoda cheating? No way! To deliver a high-quality result, the writer you chose does research, creates a plan, and works on the content. After the work is done, a person proofreads the essay, checks grammar, style, and formats it. EssayYoda plagiarism check is also an essential step. The writers deliver a work that is plagiarism-free so that you have not to worry about its uniqueness.

Is EssayYoda reliable? The privacy issue is as important as the quality of the service. EssayYoda legit status guarantees the customers’ confidentiality. Such platforms realize the risks and make sure that an essay order is a little secret of the students. So does EssayYoda! For that reason, you will never hear about EssayYoda scam cases.

Customer Service

EssayYoda support is ready to assist you 24 hours a day during every day of the week. Whether it is the middle of a night in your city or early morning – you will get some help from the devoted Customer Support manager. Every student has an opportunity to reach out for help via telephone or an email form.

Those customers who choose a VIP support option while ordering a text, get even more! Using a VIP option, you have personalized client support. The managers respond quickly and help you to find the solution for any problem you may face. Thus, another great thing about the website is that it offers first-class support at any time.

Website Usability

Many of the EssayYoda paper writing reviews focus on the exquisite website’s usability. Nothing surprising! The site is, indeed, easy to navigate. You will not have to puzzle your head about how to order the paper. So, how does EssayYoda work? Let’s find out.

Everything is clear from the first second you visit the website. On the main page, you will see the ordering form in the top left corner. There you will see that you can select the type of paper and leave your email address. After the manager contacts you, you can specify all the details of the order, denote the payment method, and choose the writer.

Everything looks so easy to navigate! The simpler, the better. However, some may still think that such simplicity may be a sore spot of the EssayYoda. Is it reliable? Our answer is yes. The Privacy policy guarantees customer safety and applies a 128-bit SSL protective measure. For that reason, you can be sure that the website is not only user-friendly but also secure.

Pros | Cons

Like any online service, the website has its strong and weak points. Consider both sides of the medal:


  • Wide choice of the disciplines and essay types! EssayYoda offers a wide selection of services. The students of different ages, specialization, and requests will not be disappointed. The professional writers can help with any complexity level and will do this in a quality manner.
  • Timely delivery. Nobody likes delays, especially when you pay some money to receive something on the exact date. The service tracks the activity of the writers and whether they keep up with the defined deadlines. The writers themselves understand the importance of timely delivery, so you will not have any problems in terms of this.
  • The payment system is fair. You pay only after you see that the paper’s content and format are perfect. You can ask the writer to change some stylistic details or anything else so that it 100% fits in the original instructions. So, you see the result and only then give away your money.
  • 24/7 Support assistance. Not every writing agency can offer quality support help. On this website, you have two options to contact the manager. The first is via the telephone, and the second one is via email. Feel free to ask for help in any issue you face.
  • You can keep in touch with your writer. Some websites offer writing services; however, the customers are not able to communicate with the writers. EssayYoda foresees the importance of such communication. Thus, you can lead the conversation with a writer throughout the process. Therefore, you can make sure that the expert sticks to the guidelines and sends the paper on time.
  • Democratic prices. With EssayYoda, you can be calm as for your finances. It will be hard for you to find the service with democratic prices and top-notch quality. The best thing is that you pay only after you approve a complete paper.


  • The service does not offer specific disciplines. Even though the writers provide their help in a wide variety of subjects, there are some exceptions. If you need to complete a writing assignment in engineering or computer studies, this service will not work for you.
  • Pricing is not universal for every type of work. Though it is said that the average price does not exceed $ 10, we would like to add a remark. For instance, the cost may be different for the PowerPoint Presentations. You need to specify such things beforehand.
  • Your teacher/professor may identify that you had some assistance from the side. The reasons may include a different writing style, vocabulary, or even essay level. Make sure that the paper looks as if you have written it yourself.
  • Timely delivery is the mantra of the service. Yet, delays may happen occasionally. Here is a tip for you, do not settle a deadline date that is too close to an actual deadline set by a professor.
  • A VIP support feature may be costly for some regions. Before choosing the options, check the local call rates to understand if you need it and can afford it.
  • Finally, there is a chance that you will get used to service and will not open up your true writing potential.

Is EssayYoda good? Well, choosing EssayYoda, excellent service is guaranteed. The website aims at the delivery of high-class quality essays and does this great. Sure, we included several weaknesses of the platform as we want to be honest with the customers. Nonetheless, the strong points of the EssayYoda site outweigh some of its disadvantages. So, what you get using EssayYoda is an original proofread paper, absolute confidentiality, a writer with expertise in a particular discipline, and 24/7 customer support.

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