Grademiners Review 2020

Our quest to review several of the existing and most advertised essay writing services, springs from the respect we have for the struggles that regular students go through, trying to balance the college life, with acing all tests and eventually keeping a job, to leverage the monetary balance. It’s not an easy task but the technological advancements we benefit from allow us to seek for help to overcome hardships.

Our Grademiner review follows some concerns expressed by users, which claim that the paid essays are far from the quality they expected. As a result, we’ve taken upon ourselves to explore this site and evaluate the services provided, keeping in mind: the quality of the services, the ratio of correlation between them and their cost, how security measures are set in place, the amount of support given to customers, how user-friendly the site is and any other aspects which might represent red flags.


We’re trying to solve several inquiries about this site through our grade miners review, starting with the most important questions: what is GradeMiners and does it offer legit services?

First, the analyzed website works as an intermediary service, enabling students at different levels of their academic preparation, from High School to PhD, receive paid-for tuition on various types of papers, from professional writers.

The site’s functionality is organized under the surveillance of two distinct companies. The owner company is Viatta Business LTD with headquarters in Belize, while the site is operated from Nicosia, Cyprus, by Writeperfect LTD. Although the countries of provenience are not the most reliable, the companies themselves seem to be legit.

The website has a special section where it mentions several aspects that it guarantees for its users, out of which we underline the following: quality assurance and confidentiality 100%. These seem to be of high importance for paying clients, as well they should be, but while the website declares it holds them in high appreciation, we have our reservations.

On the matter of assured quality, there are multiple issues that have arisen during our inspection of the services, which we’ll properly detail in the following subchapters of the review. The mention of guaranteed confidentiality 100% holds no other really informative detail. They speak of payment info protection, confidential personal data and advanced security standards, but no other specifics about how these things are accomplished. The privacy policy has a mention of the use of 256-bit SSL encryption for ensuring the integrity of the website and also some specifications on the entities responsible for processing, retaining and transferring the customers’ personal data. 

Data is collected by the company from Cyprus, but are handed afterwards to a Ukrainian depositor, a decision hard to explain, which raises some eyebrows. Also, the personal data is withheld for 6 years, which seems an awful lot amount of time, at least compared to other similar operators, which only require a 3 months period for depositing this info.

However, even if the above-mentioned details are raising some questions, we haven’t directly experienced any irregularities. As long as users keep in mind the previously presented aspects, we deem it safe enough for using, no scams being reported or experienced.

The way the Grademiners process of ordering a paper goes, it presents a less standard approach, to begin with: firstly, the support operators should be contacted for receiving a deadline and a price quote. Secondly, a form should be filled with the necessary information and relevant details before being submitted to writers. Paying for the papers is the next step, then monitoring the process and promptly answering any of the writer’s inquiries. Finally, the stage of reviewing and correcting occurs, if necessary and the job is done.


There are several reference points in the history of Grademiners, according to their own recollection of events. They attested the starting date in 2009, the main idea being to help US students in successfully accomplishing their tasks.

2010 has seen the implementation of all-day round customer support and hiring of professional writers. During 2013, an internal department of quality control has seen the light of day, and in 2015, the urgent service was instated for those papers which needed completion sooner than 6 hours.

Currently, the site prides with its team of over 1200 certified writers who complete, according to their own statistics, around 30 orders each day, in the high season. Surely, all these mentions can be found on the website, not being easily certifiable with the reality of things.

Services presents an extensive list of available services, having a wide range of possibilities for paper writing. The section of said services can only be accessed through the main menu taskbar and doesn’t seem to have a particular order in which they are presented, mixing altogether: essays, coursework, assignments, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, dissertations, book reviews, term papers, lab reports, cover letter, or thesis.

Although the list is long and includes even many more examples of potential papers when accessing each option in turns, the website continues to commit blunder after blunder. Beneath a relatively tidy aspect and user-friendly navigation, thrives a completely disorganized mess. Information occurs under the wrong link or subchapter, everything is mixed up and it takes a long amount of time to understand what it is that the operator meant to say. For instance, when accessing the Dissertation link, we’re oriented to a section that is meant to give us additional details on what ordering a dissertation through GradeMiners means. There is a large capped title speaking about expert assistance with any part of this dissertation and then each stage is detailed. Only that the notions are completely mixed up. The conclusion is presented as the methodology, the abstract as the research done and planning on future research, appendices are described as the hypothesis or the sources and methods as the actual conclusion chapter.

If this is an accurate example of the expertise that those employed by the website have for writing a dissertation, a paper with a high level of academic skills and expectations, things aren’t looking too promising for students paying for such services. Otherwise, when accessing the other sections depicting the services provided, the details are pretty much identical, having the same page layout, mentioning the site’s guarantees, the benefits of ordering through them, the thorough recruitment process and some out of this world testimonials. Not that much of it is truly informative and we reckon not that much of it is actually real, as well.


The pricing table continues the unbelievable chaotic structure of the site, as there are few things that actually make sense when browsing through the potential costs of a paper. We can deduce that the price is set depending on the type of work, for example, essays and dissertations come with different costs. As usual, the academic level of the requested paper makes another difference in the price, going from a high-school level, through the stages of college, undergraduate, master and PhD, each costing more than the previous.

Also, the urgency of the due date plays an important role in establishing how much to pay for a task, although here we have some inconsistencies. Out of the 26 lines of the pricing table, the first 12 mention nothing in the Urgency column, then we have the 1 hour and 2 hours prices, only to jump to the 20 days deadline cost and continuing to descend until we reach the 3 hours inscription. If the preceding phrase seems hard to make sense of is because it faithfully depicts the pricing table. We have a lot of low-end values that we can’t attribute to any deadline, besides the mix-up in what should have been a simple descending organized list. As far as we could discern, the lowest price per page is for high-school level essay, with a 20 days deadline, of only $8.77, while the high limit is reached by the PhD level essay writing, ready within the hour, being of $48.51 per page.

However, for any user who finds it hard to navigate the table, as we ourselves were, it’s possible to ask for a free price quote by contacting the support representatives. On the same plus side, we have found several options for the currencies accepted on this site: USD, CAD, GBP, CNY, AUD and EUR.

Related to establishing prices, we’ve discovered that Grademiners runs a loyalty program in the shape of virtual money accumulated in the personal account opened on the site. The first order receives 10% of its value, going into that personal balance. Each subsequent purchase, following the second, gets 5% out of its cost sent into that same virtual account. When these points have accumulated enough, they can be used to pay a new paper.   


This is a scarce section, as not many options are accepted for paying the purchases, the only option being credit cards, from the most used brands:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover


On the quality side, we’ve only found a single plus: it’s the first site where we’ve found the actual due date mentioned at the price calculator on the first page, rather than simply mention the number of hours/days necessary. This brings along clarity regarding an important aspect of any order, the deadline.

The price table is a mess, as shown above, which is incredibly frustrating, as the tool specially designed to help users avoid any trouble and to make things clearer to them, becomes a source of misunderstandings.

The website has many grammatical errors. Ironically, in the diagram where they detail the screening process and how they carefully choose only top writers, they inserted a spelling mistake, having “candicates” instead of “candidates”. This is just the error that we’ve found most relevant, but the entire website is abundant in such typos, mixed up notions and overall lack of organization. This despite the fact that many pages on the site are careful in mentioning the “superb quality” and how they never accept mediocre quality. If it’s one thing, we can’t let slip by is the obviously misleading the paying customers, which is precisely the thing that the site operators are trying to get away with.

A similar feeling we’ve concluded from many other Grademiners reviews which circulate in the online environment. Most of them indeed mention the punctuality as a point where they came through, but that pretty much is all of it. Furthermore, there are way too many reviews speaking on the probable Indian origin of the assigned writers to easily cast aside. And without actually saying anything bad on Indian writers, the fact that the site outsources what should represent the main preoccupation, which is writing papers, blatantly contradicts their claims on hand-picking writers and putting them through a thorough screening process.

As a final thought on the quality aspect, both review sites mentioned on Grademiners actually have a lower rating for them than that specified with such pride on their own website. This makes us think that they either purposely exaggerate, or they haven’t updated their info in a while. Either way, by doing this, they actually managed to contradict most of their claims on quality.

Customer Service

The support department seemingly functions for 24/7, through both live chat and via phone. There’s also an email address to ask for less urgent support.

Website Usability

We’ve gone through most of these aspects in the previous sections. We’ve had an awful experience using this website and we’ve also corroborated our disappointment with those mentioned by other users in several grade miners reviews. It’s not a site to casually stroll through and be easily handed out informative data, as it seems that the operator itself has no clue of what the actual information presented stand for. Not to mention the technical glitches, the in-paper layout fails and the grammatical errors.


  • Deadline mentioned as a specific date
  • Regularly respecting due dates
  • 15% discount for the first order
  • Prices are on the lower end of the industry
  • Loyalty program
  • 24/7 support department


  • Suspicious companies as owner and operator
  • Sloppy website
  • Incomprehensible pricing table
  • Poor quality of outsourced papers
  • Grammar errors throughout the site
  • Blatant contradictions pertaining to the overall quality

Experiencing what has ultimately been a very frustrating trial, which resulted in not recommending the use of this service. Beneath what seems a professional looking website at first glance, lie several inaccuracies which raise plenty of questions regarding the seriousness of this specific operator. There are many issues that can only be explained through a lack of involvement in what this website should stand for and we don’t find that the money paid and the stress of potentially receiving a lower-quality paper is worth the effort of going through with placing any order here.

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