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From my experience, having been a student also, college assignments can get overwhelming. And that is the very essence of essay writing services like Paperleaf. This is a detailed Paperleaf review aimed at making you understand what the company offers and how good or bad they are in their services.

Why you need to take into account our peer review

In your search for the perfect essay writing service, I am sure you are spoilt for choice given the numerous essay writing services on the internet. Don’t fret! We have chosen to do the donkey work for you. Ours is to scrutinize the various services in detail and present to you the best in the industry.

We go to the extent of submitting actual orders and interacting with both the system  and customer support. Remember, we are an independent party with no affiliation whatsoever to the actual company. You can, therefore, put your trust in this Paperleaf review as we have done our best to make it as unbiased as possible.

We do understand the presence of customer reviews on the site itself, but the experience will tell you that companies will always pick the most positive ones to display. That is outrightly normal. In another angle, some disgruntled customers choose to leave very negative reviews on forums across the internet, some of which are genuine and others unfounded. This comprehensive Paperleaf review brings you all you need to know about the company.

By what criteria do we choose and evaluate the essay writing services?

As earlier implied, there are numerous essay writing services present in the industry – thousands to be precise. All these are different from one another in one or more aspects.  For evaluation purposes, we use the following key indicators:

  • Price
  • Subject area
  • Customer support
  • 24/7 availability
  • Discounts
  • Guarantees, including money back
  • Revision policy
  • Experience level of writers
  • Quality of writing

What you need to consider when choosing an essay writing service

From your freshman years, I’m more than sure you are now familiar with the following varieties of assignments:

  • Narrative essays, where you are required to tell a real-life experience
  • Descriptive essays, in which you are supposed to describe a person, place, object or event
  • Expository essays, where you analyze a topic in a balanced manner
  • Persuasive essays, for which facts are needed to convince the target audience to accept your point of view
  • Dissertations, which usually involve research in a given subject area
  • Typical math problems
  • Group assignments
  • Business plans

Whatever your writing needs, there is an essay service out there that can handle your needs. Yours is to choose – wisely in this case.

In a nutshell, ask yourself the following questions, and you will be on the right route:

  1. How much am I willing and able to spend on this particular assignment?
  2. What field of study am I in? Are the writers experienced in this field of study?
  3. Is there someone I can communicate with one-on-one to explain what I need clearly?
  4. Can I contact the company whatever time of the day I find the opportunity?
  5. Can the quoted prices be discounted?
  6. If I’m not satisfied with the work, can I get my money back?
  7. How does the company handle revisions?
  8. Am I assured of good quality work that will bring me good grades?

Let us now focus on Paperleaf, hoping by the end of the review, you will make an informed decision about doing business with the company.


What is

Simply put, Paperleaf is an essay writing service. That implies you can hire them at a cost to write essays for you. It comprises a team of writers who have joined forces to do writing as a business. In this sense, once you give the company order, the business manager decides which writer will handle your essay. This depends on the expertise and availability of the individual writers in the team.

The writers may or may not be in the same physical location. But that should not matter. In this age of internet connectivity, it is possible for the team to be spread across the country, or even across the world. It is not expressly detailed on the website. Whatever the case, your main concern is to have your essay done in a good time.

Is legit?

Yes, it is! By the way, what do you understand by legit? Legit is ideally something that is not fake. For a fake essay writing service, you expect to send money for your essay to be done, only to not get any work done by the stipulated deadline. And when you try contacting the provided numbers, you realize no one is picking your calls or replying to your emails or text messages.

That has never happened, and I don’t expect it to happen any time soon, with They are a responsible team of professionals who are seriously in business. They understand the need for honesty in this online business in order to remain in business. Rest assured, you are dealing with a legit firm.  

Are there scams?

Having established it is a legit company, no need to worry whether you will be scammed. I’ve not yet heard of scams involving The company sticks to its policy of protecting its customers’ privacy. No detail shared with them will ever be leaked out to some fishy third party. Just be careful to only communicate using the official lines listed on the website. As you know, there will always be scammers out there for any genuine brand. We should never underestimate this fact.

How does work?

The mode of operation of is similar to what happens with many other essay writing services.

The system can be summarized to four basic steps:

  1. Specify your requirements – this includes, but not limited to, type of paper, topic, subject area, number of pages or words, deadline, quality of writer preferred, the format of citation, detailed paper instructions
  2. Once all details are captured correctly, you are free to choose the writer of your choice. The last time I checked, there were over 200 writers on the platform available for new orders. Just note that there are three levels of writers.

If you choose All Writers, your order will be seen by all writers on the platform, including beginners, intermediate, advanced, and expert writers.

By adding 10% to the quoted price, your order will be presented to only the top 50% of writers. These are the advanced and expert writers who guarantee you top quality work that will attract good grades. These are the kind to consider if you are in senior-level and above.

If you are doing a Masters course or Ph.D., go for the Platinum writers, for which you will spend 20% more than the normal quote.

  1. The third step is to deposit the money to an escrow fund. This tells the writer that the project is funded, and he or she can embark on it. Trust is both ways. Just as you are skeptical about your work being completed, the writer is also skeptical about being paid after doing the job.
  2. Finally, once you are comfortable with the final piece, you can release the funds to the writer. If not satisfied with the work done, you are allowed to request revisions until it meets your requirements. And in case the work is not completed for any reason, you can create a dispute and claim a refund of your money. Note that investigations will have to be done to ascertain your claims. Be honest, too, in your claims.

Is good?

Should I claim it is the best? I really like this essay writing service, and I’ve grown to be confident in them. Unlike many other writing services, Paperleaf gives you access to the writers’ profiles, and you can choose any that you want as long as you can pay them. You can freely look at their track record and make a decision. This is certainly better than those services where you only communicate with the business managers, and your work is assigned to any writer.  

Is safe?

Very safe indeed. Your privacy is adequately protected, and your details will not be shared with any third party. There are some who are skeptical about the fact that you must give your email before making an order. Note that this is solely for the purpose of communication.

Story was founded with the basic aim of easing students’ lives. Having come to terms with the sort of difficulties youngsters go through in the course of their education, a team of top university graduates brought their minds together and formed the company.

There is little information on exactly when this company was founded. I bet the term “relatively new” can perfectly apply to this company. And in a broader sense, be sure it has not been in operation for more than 10 years.  


Below is a list of the top services handled by Paperleaf:

  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers
  • Critical thinking
  • College applications
  • Coursework
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Business plans
  • General assignments

The above is definitely not exhaustive. University papers are as broad as the universe itself. The firm prides itself on the ability to handle virtually any article type you can think of. The same is true regarding the fields of study they cover.


Prices definitely vary by your requirements and the specific writer you choose. Just to bring you on board with the facts, I recently ordered a one-page essay on The Impact of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic on Freelancers. A one-page essay translates to 275 words, i.e. with double spacing.

The first three writers I was presented with had quotes of $ 42.00, $ 28.00, and $ 29.25. The names of these writers were Prof. Caroline, Prof. Adam, and Dr. Marvedene! Feels good to know my essay will be handled with such qualified persons. The site further allows you to either accept the quotes or chat further with the individual writers on the way forward.

By using the Chat option, you can evaluate the track record of the writer in terms of how many papers he has completed and what the customers had to say of his work. The more experienced the writer, the higher you will have to pay.


Once you settle on a specific writer, the next step is to fund the contract. Paperleaf operates on an escrow basis, in that the funds are held by some form of middleman until the work is completed. You only release the funds to the writer once your work is complete and you are satisfied.

Payment is made through Visa and MasterCard. This looks a bit limited, but can still work.


I assure none can get better than this firm. The team itself tells you the kind of work you expect to receive. They maintain real profiles of writers that you can count on. Do you recall the professors and doctors I mentioned? Yea, those are the kind of guys who will handle your work. Expect no careless typos and grammar errors in your essay. Be sure also of good content that answers your question.

But that is not to say all the writers on the platform are 100% perfect. Remember, there are beginners on the site who may not be as good as the experts. If you happen to choose the beginners, keep an open mind regarding the quality of work you will receive. The good thing about it is that revisions are free.  

Customer Service

With a 24/7 customer support hotline, I wonder what more I can demand of them. Be it late night or early morning or midday; there will always be someone to answer your queries. They are friendly too, and that is what we expect of them. The individual writers may however not be available round the clock as they are human and they need to take rest every now and then

Website Usability

With only 5 top menu items, your mind is quickly ushered into all the site has to offer. The simpler, the better – as far as I am concerned, and I hope you too. All else is a walk down the park – self-explanatory!

Pros | Cons


  • 24/7 availability
  • Ability to choose your preferred writer
  • Unequalled quality
  • Escrow system of paying for orders
  • Covers numerous subjects, any type of assignment
  • Fairly good online reputation


  • Rates above industry standards
  • Limited payment options
  • No clear discounts for new or loyal customers
  • Direct chats with writers can prove disadvantageous as some do not understand customer relations
  • Very strict money-back guidelines
  • Pay more for better quality

You will agree with me that is the best Canadian essay writing service. Apart from the few cons associated with the service, the company strives to give the best experience to the customer. They ensure you enjoy the entire process from placing orders, selecting writers and receiving your final paper. Try them now!

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