SpeedyPaper Review 2020

As experienced writers and digital marketing specialists, we have decided to share with you Speedy Paper review where we will discuss the details that you find interesting and useful. This is a genuine and reputable company that has a good reputation and you will have no problems with it in case you decide to ask for their writing help. The quality, usability, payments and everything else is on the top-level!

There is no need to hesitate and think whether this service is reliable and professional, as we have tested it several times. Though you can find some things that you would not like as it is the case in every service, the general impression is more than a positive one and we highly recommend you to hire them to deliver you high-quality writing paper!

How do we evaluate the writing services?

Before we start, we want to explain how we value the services and give the final grades. The first thing we review is the overall usability of the website as this is the first sign that the company did a good job to deliver and offer help. The next thing is customer support. Poor customer support is a sign of a bad company that does not take good care of its customers but if it is good, then you can be sure that they care about the customers. Then we look for the overall quality of the several examples that we order, as this is the best way to assess the quality.

Why should you take our evaluation as legit?

We are experienced and professional writers who have written millions of papers and documents, which gives us a right to declare ourselves as someone who can differ the bad and good service. Therefore, our opinions and reviews are genuine and based on knowledge and experience and can follow our review to get true and legit information.

Speedy Paper Overview

It is a writing service that delivers high-quality research papers, case studies, essays, master thesis and all other writings that you could need. Their customers are mostly college students, though postgraduates and people who are looking for jobs might also request the service. They work with qualified, experienced and responsible writers. Also, all the writers are available 24/7 for any request or update if you want. Therefore, any request that you have, you can it send to the writer, so he could edit it or update exactly how you want.

Is this a legit service?

All of the Speedy Paper reviews point out that this is a legit service that will meet all your requirements and now, we can confirm this information. We have hired them several times to deliver writings that were mostly including master thesis, essays and case studies. We have ordered 15 writings and everything was perfect. There is nothing that we were not satisfied with, so we can confirm that this 100% legit service that will give you exactly what you need. No one will make a scam or take your money, as this is a trustworthy service and 100% reliable.

Are there any scams on Speedy Paper?

As we have mentioned in the above paragraph, we did not have any problems with this service and we want to show people through this SpeedyPaper review that they can trust it. All of the 15 writings that we have ordered were delivered on time, without plagiarized content and any grammar issues, with reliable, accurate and true information. We have to admit one thing, though. The only problem we have faced was that we had requested a few revisions after we have received the content. However, this is a normal thing that you can encounter when you work with the writing service or any other type of work where you request something to be done for you.

How do you order at Speedy Paper?

One of the best things that offers is the easy way of ordering the papers since it is a highly user-friendly process. Once you land on the homepage, you can see ORDER NOW and GET A QUOTE buttons, where the first one allows you to order the writing, while the second allows you to see the approximate price for the work you need. After you input all the data, you can choose some extra features. These include plagiarism checker or premium quality assistance with whatever you need for this writing. Services

As this is a professional writing service, you can request several types of writings. Therefore, you can count on these guys whatever type of writing you need. You can see the prices for each service. However, always contact them about the final price that you will have to pay. You can request:

  • Paraphrasing and rewriting
  • Essays
  • Different types of assignments
  • Resumes/CVs
  • Recommendation letters
  • Cover letters
  • Dissertations
  • Editing/proofreading
  • Case studies
  • Research papers

Quality of SpeedyPaper Services

From what we have received in our 15 cases, we have to say that the quality was top-notch. There wasn’t a single thing that we were not satisfied with, expect the several times we asked for the revisions. We did a plagiarism check and grammar check. Everything was superb and in order, so we did not have to do anything to improve it or edit something. In terms of quality, there is nothing to be worried about — just order the paper and enjoy while they write it for you.

Payment Methods at Speedy Paper

The process of paying is simple and it does not require any special technical knowledge for completing the process as everything is straightforward and simple. Once you submit all the information that they need to form a final price, you need to click on the BUY button and finish the payment. You can use several methods, whichever works for you. You can use:

  1. PayPal
  2. VISA cards
  3. MasterCard
  4. Discover
  5. American Express.

Pricing at SpeedyPaper

When it comes to the prices, you should know that the price goes up as your deadline is shorter, so keep that in mind. Even if you need something to be done in 6 hours, it will be done and the quality won’t suffer, but your wallet will. There is a reference. A single page with 275 words for a master thesis that has to be done in 6 hours will cost you around $40. This is just an example and you should always check the final price before making a payment to make sure you know how much you need to pay them for the writing you need.

The overall quality of writings

We were more than satisfied with the paper quality. All the instructions that we gave to writers were followed exactly how we specified and regarding the instructions you give, you will have no worries. The great thing was also that some writers did give us some suggestions regarding the writing and overall look, so even if there is room for improvement, they will ask you whether you want it. We can say that the writers are experienced and they know what they are doing. We did order a paper where we did not specify some things but the writers did a good job as they performed thousands of similar writings. So, for this reason, even if you do not know the exact details about the paper do not be worried about the quality as they know how to write.

Customer Service

Regarding the help that you might need, you can count on the fantastic customer support that is available 24/7. These guys are online 24/7 and they will answer all your questions and issues that you have. The response is quick and accurate. They have several support centers and one of those is in Ukraine, but even it is in the remote location, the support works flawlessly. Whenever you have a question for them, you can contact them through email, phone call, twitter, Facebook or live chat.

Website Usability

As we are coming to the end of this review, we feel a responsibility to share a few thoughts on the overall usability of the website. Once you arrive at the homepage, you will see the top navigation easily that is distinct and clear, as well as the box with the price calculation, which allows you to get a free quote for your writing. There are two buttons ORDER NOW and GET A QUOTE. Then, you have a clear presentation of the service’s qualities like high-quality papers, individual approach, support, revision etc. For all those who like to get into the matter and see how things work can look into the process of ordering, getting the price and receiving the paper.

The service is clearly transparent and they offer you to get a free call from their agent to find out more information about the paper and everything else. Since they have had a ton of orders, they also presented genuine testimonials from the people and customers who had used their service. For each type of document, you see a template. Therefore, you can see the detailed insight into the process of creating the document as well as into the format that will be followed for creating the paper. If you want some modification in case you need a specific format, you can contact the writer that works on your document and give them additional instructions.

As every service has its pros and cons, it is the same with the Speedy Paper service. In a nutshell, there are no major drawbacks when it comes to this service. However, there are some things that could be improved. Still, whenever you find some problems and errors with the paper, do not hesitate to contact them and inform them about it. They will fix it without any additional costs.

Pros and Cons


  • Great pricing table — the prices are more than affordable for such a good service
  • Individual approach — each case is approached individually with great customization
  • Reliability — the service is reliable and cares about its customers
  • 24/7 availability — you can contact writer/customer support any time you want
  • Professional customer service — they will address every single problem you have
  • Deadlines — every document is delivered on time.


  • Additional features are pricey — some premium options are overpriced
  • A revision has to be requested — sometimes you will have to ask for the revision
  • Non-native speakers — there are non-native speakers, but you can request a rewrite
  • Slow speed — though not often, it may happen that website loads slowly
  • The presented prices may differ — double-check the price before you agree to pay
  • Typos — it may happen that you bump into a few typos.


As one of the most professional reviews, this writing is proof that the company is legit and scam-free. There were some stories and reviews that point out the scam-related actions regarding the company, but we think that those were written by people who wanted to destroy the reputation of the company. In our case, we do not have any negative opinions. We have ordered some 15 different papers and we did not face any significant problems, except that we received a few papers with minor typos. However, we are 100% satisfied with the quality of papers and the overall structure of those documents.

The overall usability is user-friendly and you will have no problems with navigating the website. The buttons are clearly presented and you do not need any tutorial for ordering the paper as they did a great design and made a friendly user-design. The available payment methods are versatile. You can use the latest payment methods to make everything more convenient and easier for your ordering. With the great customer support that is responsive and always available, you do not have to worry about any issues that you might encounter with as they will solve anything you want to.

When we consider everything about this service, this is a more than worthy service that will be great for your academic needs or creating a professional CV for your next job. The prices are affordable, you can always request and edit for your paper, while the deadlines are never breached. As we said, there could be some improvements. However, the overall grade for this service that we can give is 9 out of ten, due to the small problems, which are not that significant. Therefore, if you are looking for the next high quality and affordable writing service that delivers superb papers and offers you top-notch service for your needs!

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