StudyBay Review 2020

As one in need of writing service, you decided to get on the internet to hire a professional. The only problem, you didn’t phantom just how many writing services would litter the internet. What’s more, they all lay claims to being the best at what they do. One of the most talked-about, Studybay catches your fancy but you aren’t sure if they would be the best fit or deliver on their promise of being among the best out there. We have you covered, as we provide you with a Studybay review, highlighting its services, flaws, and strengths, while also establishing the fact if such a thing as a Studybay scam exists.

What makes up the best writing services?

Before diving into the Studybay review, certain factors help to define the ideal writing service. We judge a professional online writing service based on the following criteria.

Quality of writers

The educational background of the writing team is crucial when selecting a suitable online writing service. This also extends to the verification and screening system used in selecting


How fast can you get your paper ready? In the event of an emergency, does the writing service offer an express option. Does a service deliver at the stipulated time without fail or a compromise in quality?

Flexibility in price

This deals with the relationship between the delivery and price for a paper. Students can save costs by assigning papers early and extending the delivery time.

Payment options

The flexibility and convenience a service offers to its customers should also be considered when selecting one. The ease and terms of payment should hold some level of sway on your final pick.


Paper obtained from online writing services must be plagiarism-free.


How often are you in the loop on your paper’s progress. Good communication with your writer of choice is essential, as you get the chance to make changes before the finished work.


The ability of a writing service to be open with its clients on past projects speaks volumes about their credibility and professionalism. Customer reviews and score ratings are simple ways to measure a writing service’s professionalism and credibility.

The Need for Quality Writing

In the world we live in, attaining success or getting a leg up in often boils down to writing. One finds students writing to achieve success in educational institutions, they take on essays, dissertations, and multiple other forms of academic writing. Individuals outside the academic institutions aren’t left out of the writing process, as resume writing, report writing, and others are the building blocks to success.

We look to ensure that our write-ups are always of high standards and quality due to the role they play in achieving a successful life. In educational institutions write-ups such as essays and dissertations shape up college life. The former contributes a significant chunk of your semester scores, while the latter defines your final semester in college. It’s only logical one always puts their best foot forward in such scenarios.

Many find writing a quality piece easier said than done as they have to struggle with ensuring their write-ups meet up with the writing standards and guidelines, juggle other writing projects and non-writing projects, ensure they maintain quality, and still find the time to relax and study. To ensure that one meets all the objectives listed and still find time to pursue other interests or objectives, one seeks out the help of online writing services.

Types of Essays

Based on the contents of an essay there are generally four variants. All other forms of essays are irritations of these basic four.

Descriptive Essay

This looks to provide information about a subject. These sorts of essays tend to fuel the reader’s imagination.

Expository Essay

This sort of essay attempts to bring to light a crucial topic or subject matter to the reader based on facts, not the writer’s thoughts.

Argumentative Essay

Also known as a persuasive essay, this essay attempts to change the reader’s perspective on a certain subject. The writer must provide facts and logic in their attempt to convince the reader. What’s more, being unbiased and acknowledging the argument of both sides and not just your standpoint of view, lends credibility and quality to your essay.

Narrative Essay

This retells a series of personal events. Narrative essays are written in a first-person speaker language.

StudyBay Overview

What is Studybay?

It’s an online writing service owned by a Malta-based company named EDUTECH LIMITED. In nine years the company has established a name for itself in the world of writing. Over 80,000 students have employed the services of the writing agency since its start-up in 2011.

How does Studybay work?

It functions by linking you with a group of writers willing to attend to your order. You select a suitable writer(s) based on your discretion.

Is Studybay legit and safe?

Often students ask “Is study bay legit? Yes, Studybay is legit. Your financial details are secured and you don’t have to worry about being defrauded. They have a partnership with credible organizations that beefs up their status on both the legitimacy and credibility scale.

Is Studybay a scam?

To those worry about losing their money on Studybay the answer to this question is No, Studybay isn’t a scam so you shouldn’t give much thought about studybay scam stories. The only instances where customers have lost their money to the service have been violating or not meeting the terms and requirements for their refund policies.

What Does Studybay Offer to Users?

As a student what services do you get from Studybay?

Studybay is an online writing service that has rendered online writing to the public for almost a decade. They thrive in academic writing but aren’t limited to this. Studybay helps provide students with quality written essays in virtually any subject and level.

Along with quality Studybay essay writing services, students can get help with their thesis, dissertations, research papers, and multiple other writing projects from Studybay. You can get a full list of the writing services for students Studybay offers on its website.

What services can non-students get from Studybay?

As stated earlier in this study bay review, this website isn’t restricted to just academic writing or just students. The company does offer services outside of traditional roles. They provide resume writing services and free plagiarism checks, with the latter being helpful to detect duplicate contents. Students, teachers, or non-academicians take good advantage of this to stay out of legal and moral issues associated with plagiarism.

Pricing at Studybay

For many individuals looking to opt-in for a service, one factor often tailors their decision. This often is the cost. Though there’s no price tag for quality, you should have to empty your pockets to get a quality written paper. This fact isn’t lost on Studybay as papers can be purchased for as low as $5.

Payments on Studybay

Unlike most writing services where you make payments directly, Studybay employs a two-step process for making payments. The first step involves you funding your Studybay wallet, from which the cost of writing is deducted.

Funding your account is possible through the use of three methods. The website supports the use of Visa or Master credit card, PayPal, Payoneer, or debit card. Many consider this limitation to only three payments a letdown. Payments through your bank account, electronic cards, or any other form outside the listed three are off the table.

Financial security is under the care of Plantron, so be rest assured that your transactions are in safe hands. Payments are made to a writer once the customer accepts the finished paper.

Extra Charges

When funding your wallet you will incur a service charge. This extra cost depends on the amount you are trying to process at the time.

Customers have to pay a commission fee along with writing fees. The commission is a percentage of the writer’s fee and decreases with an increase in the latter.

Quality of Studybay Services

What level of quality should you expect from Studybay as a customer? Based on the site’s ratings on its homepage, it boasts of a near-perfect customer rating at 9.2 of 10 points. Customer Studybay reviews on its website are generally favorable and point to a guarantee of high-quality pieces. Though in reality, things aren’t so black and white.

Multiple writers at Studybay place bids on your order and come with different charges as well as score rating. Though there multiple competent writers on the site, a good number of writers who charge medium fees tend to struggle with advanced academic writing. Your pick determines how good a quality you get on your final paper.

What more should I expect?

Plagiarism-free papers

Writers of Studybay are famous for providing customers with non-plagiarized papers.


This website treats customer information with the highest confidentiality.

Prompt delivery

Writers of this site are revered for their timely delivery. Though you have to settle for no less than a day deadline, be rest assured that your paper will be available at said time.

Refunds and Revisions

You can have a writer make revisions to your paper at no extra cost. The revision and refund period lasts for up to 20 days. The contributing factor to people asking the question “Is Studybay legit?” comes from the misinterpretation of its refunds and revisions policies.

Customers are entitled to get a refund if the finished paper is lacking in quality or fails to meet the order requirements. There are at least two articles that address the issue of refunds and revisions on the website. Also, you will need to have a minimum of $10 to withdraw from your account.

Customer Service

The customer relations of Studybay is top-notch. On visiting the website, a pop-up chat head can help you get sorted out. Though this wonderful service is limited as Studybay’s response team isn’t available at all times. One can get swift and helpful responses only on weekdays within the hours of 10 am to 8 pm (EST). Though you can still direct your inquiries to the online chat, as you will receive an email notification once a staff replies.

Website Usability

Studybay posses a User interface that’s simple to understand. One needs little or no previous knowledge of online writing services to navigate its contents.

The website asks you to provide basic details about your order and your email address. These details include paper type, level, and delivery time. After which it provides you with a cost estimate for your paper. The site proceeds to auction off your order among some of its writers. Then writers get to place bids on your order.

You get notified of each bid and can view the writer’s profile and ratings. Selecting a writer can make or break your paper so good judgment is required here. Take time out to scrutinize your writer’s profile, read the reviews left by past clients, and access your potential writer by chatting with him or her. They are instances where someone not qualified or suitable to handle the academic level of your paper could place a bid, so performing the actions stated above would help you flesh them out.

Don’t be tempted by low bids or pay too exorbitant a price for your paper, remember to review writers properly before making a final decision. As a side note, it’s important to know that you have the option to expand the number of writers that get to see your order for an extra fee of $5.

Pros and Cons


  • One gets to pick a writer of their choice.
  • The site facilities good communication with your writer.
  • Helpful and numerous blog posts along with free samples.
  • Papers are delivered on time.
  • The platform supports an expansive array of academic writing.
  • A strong reputation as a quality and reliable service.


  • The final fees exceed the value estimated by the sites.
  • Extending delivery time to its max has little or no effect on the price.
  • The site only accepts one form of currency.
  • Some links on the website aren’t useful.
  • Finding the ideal writer can be time-consuming.
  • It isn’t ideal for fast or urgent papers (papers needed in less than twenty-four hours).


Studybay does have some positives and negatives, the former greatly outweighs the latter. In instances where the writing service is found wanting, it makes up for it by creating alternatives by which you can circumnavigate the problem. It’s a good source of quality writing for students looking for assistance with their papers. 

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