Ultius Review 2020

Writing services have become more than a way to evade doing homework, but rather a means to alleviate stress and channel focus towards the priorities of the chosen academic path, instead of wasting time on unnecessary tasks. We’re completely in favor of wisely using these services and salute the idea behind them. However, as it happens most of the time with a great idea, many operators don’t fully grasp it and go on to implementing it erroneously. We’ve taken upon ourselves to look at the most renowned websites in this industry and establish if they’re worth the time and effort. Hence, the present Ultius review has materialized.

We examine websites from an objective perspective, based on our own experience, as well as on those mentioned by other paying users. The criteria we observe, refer to the safety measures implemented, the services offered and how their price is consistent with their quality, how helpful is the customer support department and how user-friendly the website presents itself.


In their own words, Ultius inc. has the self-imposed mission to meet supply and demand in the essay writing industry. It does that by operating the platform where top English-native writers successfully get together with students having varied academic levels of knowledge for offering services consisting in writing papers and other related tasks. The company’s motto focuses on three important traits: convenience, high-quality content and professional customer support.

Seeing how the way they present themselves is near perfection, we’ve created our review to challenge their claims and see if they continue to stand tall. The first thing customers wonder after seeing this sort of self-appraisal is to establish whether is Ultius legal or just another phantom website, as many have proven to be, especially in the field of online professional writing services. On this topic, we can attest that Ultius is a genuine company, even one who has known an interesting expansion from a one-employed business operating in their headquarters in Delaware, to a regular name in the field, owning satellite locations in Washington, Illinois, Kentucky and Florida.

One can rest assured about Ultius being a scam, seeing how they accomplish the main purpose that customers pay it to do, which is writing a paper, according to their instructions. There are some questions on the quality of the work, the seriousness of the writers, or even on their claims of being English native speakers, but these are matters to attend in the following sections of our review.

After settling that Ultius is legit, we can also address the issue of it being safe, which follows two separate points of view:

  • The security of personal information. The website operator provides several layers for protecting the customers’ data, alongside the site’s integrity. This means secure data access PINs, multiple layered authentication, SSL encryption, just to name a few.
  • Protection of all financial transactions. The 256 SSL encryption instated throughout the entire website applies to monetary operations, as well. Also, the payment methods accepted are among the most famous in the world, have proven their trustworthiness in time and come with additional security measures of their own.

One of the measures taken to protect customers was implementing Ultius Identity Verification, only for certain payments that fit criteria such as surpassing certain USD amounts, dubious patterns, or fake profiles. UIV requires a photo ID and payment method used and the financial data is stored for 90 days.

As for how Ultius actually works, things are easy-going in a few intuitive steps:

  • Filling the form with all the necessary details to get the job done
  • Submit that request
  • Pay for the task
  • A writer is appointed to the task
  • Throughout the task, the writer can ask for additional details, provided the initial ones weren’t enough
  • After finished, the paper is additionally reviewed by internal editors
  • The finalized essay is handed to the customer
  • Optional revisions can be asked for as the final steps of the process


The history of Ultius, inc. starts in 2010, along with several other paper writing services, some of which have been proven to be scams, while others thrived on. The name of the company comes from Latin and it refers to a thing which is useful, a good choice for the type of services provided.

The headquarters are situated in Wilmington, Delaware, with several other locations around the US and a call center in Las Vegas. The main trait they advertise is that they provide 100% English-native and American-resident writers, meaning no task is outsourced.

There are a couple of interesting pillars in Ultius history, starting with their founding in 2010. A tipping point was reached in 2013 after the UIV was launched, the same time as being listed in the Better Business Bureau. Also, 2016 came with a shift toward improved digitization by building a technology that automatically assigns available and suited writers for each particular task and also an Android app.

Nowadays, after all these years in business, Ultius pride themselves with employing over 2000 writers, supposedly all of them being American, which attend for tasks coming from more than 55 countries around the globe and account for over 200.000 completed orders.


At first glance, Ultius doesn’t seem to offer quite a comprehensive list of services. Although they seem fairly organized, the services mentioned in the home page are structured in a different manner than in the actual service section, which can be a bit disconcerting. For instance, the first impression after opening the site’s main page is that only writing and editing is available, even though they put at customers’ disposal additional and diverse services.

The main categories of services one can find here includes:

  • Writing services, which contains college essays, research papers, dissertations and thesis
  • Editing the customers’ already written papers
  • Composing business-related papers, such as resume, cover letters, CV, business plans
  • Admission-related services, like essays and personal statements

In the case of hiring others for writing papers and admission essays, for customers of Ultius cheating is a concern. Plagiarism is one of the subjects that this operator is fighting. In the editing stage, before sending the final paper to the client, Ultius uses a series of tools, such as Copyscape, to authenticate that the paper is 100% accurate and original.


There are several criteria that are taken into account when deciding the price charged for a certain task. There is a price table with all the possible combinations, between the following features:

  • Type of service required
  • Academic level of the language and style to be used
  • Deadline and urgency
  • Number of words or pages needed

Fees for the requested tasks are situated between the minimum $17.50 per page, for high school essays with 20 days deadline, to the limit of $75 per page of Master level, urgently due in 3 hours-time. The generally-available fees are met with some additional restraints, due to particular cases, such as: Doctoral assignments can’t be requested for a deadline lower than 12 hours. Also, those commanding urgent essays, with deadlines lower than 6 hours might come across difficulties given by the unavailability of writers on such short timeframes, or even by limitations on the number of pages. On the plus side, first-time users receive a discount of 15%, helping in leveling the costs of the order.

There are also some free inclusions for every order, as for example, using their licensed writer matching technology, creating the title and reference pages, the editorial review and Copyscape originality scan, or the non-stop customer support.

Additional fees may come when not wanting to be automatically assigned one of the available writers, as Ultius charges:

  • Extra 20% for what they name Graduate Writers, meaning in the top 10%  of their writers’ selection,
  • Extra 15% for choosing a specific writer, either from previous experiences or based on references

The same scenario comes into play in the case of Ultius essay reviews, which are free of charge for a turnaround of 3 days. Otherwise, each review, which needs a more urgent response than the mentioned time interval, comes with supplementary fees.


The payment methods ensured by this operator consist of some of the most renowned and trustworthy banking options: PayPal and credit cards under the brands of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

According to our own practice and most Ultius inc reviews, UIV can be overpassed whenever using payments through Bitcoin, thus making it a preferred users’ choice.


Ultius assigns a lot of importance on the fact that their selection of writers consists only of American residents. However, there is plenty of user feedbacks that questions the veracity of this. Many students have expressed their doubts about the fact that the assigned writer was even a native English speaker, giving substance to the Ultius scam claims. On the other hand, there are few user reviews that mention the level of writing as being inappropriate to the degree of academic preparation required, an issue that other competitor services face.   

Another downside is that there is only one option of finding out the stage of progress the paid-for paper is at, and that is by directly asking the writer. The trouble is that it falls into the writer’s decision whether or not a response to the customer’s inquiries is due or not.  Unfortunately, there are no intermediary checkpoints to automatically track how the paper unfolds and the support department isn’t able to provide information during the writing process, thus getting into situations when the paying client is left completely in the dark, up until the paper is finalized.

A feature which negatively affects the quality of services is that free revision requests must be submitted during the 7 days after receiving the final version of the paid essay. Also, it’s highly important to mention that these revisions are free of charge only if the client accepts a three days turnaround. Otherwise, for those papers received closer to the deadline and which are urgently in need of a revised final form, additional costs occur.

Customer Service

The support department is functional around the clock, 24/7, offering multiple ways to get in touch with this department’s operators:

  • Ultius 101 FAQ
  • Support desk
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • SMS only for American residents
  • Phone

There are also some less pleasant aspects pertaining to this department, as mentioned in many other Ultius writing reviews, as expressed by paying customers. It seems that the operator decided to overcomplicate the live chat option, by requiring personal data, as well as the reason for requesting support, before actually getting in touch with an operator. Also, support agents don’t have insights on the stage of development for a specific paper and can’t give any information on the progress, which gives birth to additional frustrations.

Website Usability

The website is clearly created by a professional team of developers. Ultius com has an easy to navigate interface, with a multitude of details, thoroughly analyzed, but organized in a friendly manner, even on the home page. This might be the necessary display of information required by an essay writing service, as it’s a trait common to more than one website in this field. However, it can easily turn into a negative trait, as at a certain point, the massive amount of information becomes rather hard to organize and it manages only to overwhelm the users.

Not having a search function on the homepage only amplifies the frustration of going through the entire website’s content to find a piece of info, no matter how well-structured the navigation menu is. Even when accessing the sections of this menu, services, pricing, how it works, reviews, a large bulk of notions comes over the customers, amplifying the sensation of complicated and overwhelming.

Pros And Cons


  • Only American resident writers
  • Increased security by implementing UIV
  • Internal editors checking each paper’s quality
  • 15% discount for first orders
  • 24/7 customer support through many options
  • User-friendly website interface


  • Testimonies on papers written by non-native English speakers
  • Prices on the expensive side
  • Fees for Ultius reviews more urgent than 3 days
  • Additional costs for choosing a specific writer
  • Live chat complicated to attend
  • Home page overcrowded with information

The website stands proof that Ultius, inc is a genuine company, which knows how to present its business in a most favorable light. Casting aside the first impression, one comes across multiple features of lesser quality.

We don’t recommend this service, as throughout the experience, we’ve accounted for many irregularities, each small frustration amounting to becoming insupportable. As, for instance, the complicated way to enter the live chat, or navigating through all the info, without benefiting of a simple search function. On top of that, they’re applying a multitude of fees, even for aspects which were clearly the writer’s fault, as is the case with reviews being returned before an inexplicable time interval of 3 days. These aspects make us recommend extreme caution, or risk to overpay for a modest service, from a company more interested in making a profit, than being customer-oriented.

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