WritersPerHour Review 2020

One of the subjects that flourished in the past decade when referring to some of the benefits that Internet development has brought is the possibility to externalize school assignments to a professional writer, which might aid in avoiding the stress of meeting a deadline. However, as it happened with most interesting ideas, this industry has also been overwhelmed with less trustworthy personae, making it difficult to navigate through a wide amount of scammers, to find the true professionals that make your money’s worth. Also, this is precisely the reason why we feel that an unbiased overview of this field might help those looking for such a service, choose more appropriate to their needs and expectations.

On that note, we’re offering in what follows the Writersperhour review, revealing the pros and cons of choosing this particular website. In reviewing this site, we’ve based our appreciation on the same criteria we use throughout all our opinions, which we follow in order to maintain the objectivity we pride ourselves in.

Thus, our review is trying to find out whether authenticity is an important trait for the site, as well as for the professional writers employed. We are interested in the services put at their clients’ disposal, whether deadlines are met if indications respected. It’s also important for us to see if there is the flexibility to change the work done, openness for feedback and adaptability when receiving additional request in the meantime.

Besides the quality of the service, we take into account the pricing to see if it matches the end result offered to customers. Also, we put under security characteristic of the site itself, such as its usability, user-friendliness, the payment options accepted and the promptitude and professionalism of their customer service department. We feel that discovering all of these traits might help anyone have a clear and unbiased overview of any particular essay writing service.


Getting straight in the midst of our subject at hand, we find right at the top that WritersPerHour is one of the above mentioned professional writing services. Its objective is straightforward, to get paid for helping people write essays on various themes for different academic levels while respecting the indications given.

The first thing people are interested in when talking about any kind of paid service is whether the site presents itself as a legit business. On that matter, we have no reservations, as WritersPerHour belongs to a legit company, New York-based, named RRKN Research Holdings LTD. The company which operates the site has a good privacy policy put in place based on multiple security measures. First, they impose rules which govern the personal data security issue for US residents while adapting them to abide European laws, particularly those referring to the GDPR. The customers’ personal data aren’t used other than for the mentioned purpose. Also, the site has instated SSL encryption, other anti-malware software and firewalls, in order to protect the financial information, as well.

From the point of view of those who employ writers, there are two additional concerns they face: the authenticity of the essays and the confidentiality of personal details. Thus, WriterPerHour stipulates that the identity of those requesting the works is not to be revealed anywhere. Also, they assure that essays undergo strict plagiarism checks and always hand out completely new and authentic papers.

The process for submitting a request is quite simple, following these easy steps:

  • There is a form which has to be filled online with the specifics that the student needs for the paper at hand
  • A cost is calculated based on the number of pages, words, difficulty and deadline, which the customer must pay
  • The final essay is sent through email, according to the specified deadline

To sum up, about whether WritersPerHour is legit or not, we can clearly state that it’s not a scam, but an authentic service, which, in principle, does as it says. However, we should turn our attention to whether the quality of the work is as advertised. They insist their writers are hand-picked professionals and that they undergo a strict vetting process, which stands as a testimonial of the quality the website ensures in return for the money they ask. We’ll see in what follows that there are some inconsistencies that make us question some of their initial statements, as found on their website.  


On the history of the website or of the company which owns and operates it, we aren’t given any details, which in itself is an odd strategy to create a trusty relationship with the potential, first-time customers.

However, we can get the idea that the site is up and running since at least May 2015, given that the oldest post in the Blog section of the website is dated as such. Not even the terms of use handout any more information on these aspects, although the privacy policy is exhaustive enough. It comes as a strange mix between focusing on some of the important issues which impact customers while leaving out data on the company itself, much easier to mention.


In regard to the services offered, they are clearly centered on the idea of creating authentic and of high-quality academic papers for different levels of study. The list contains 36 types of services, out of which we mention:

  • Writing papers, case studies, thesis, assignments, English essays, urgent essays, letters, dissertations, PhD papers and MBA essays
  • Writing specific themed papers, such as biology essays, movie reviews, lab reports, personal statements, psychology papers, article reviews and book reports
  • Some options or available only for purchase, such as term papers, capstone project, coursework, college paper, high school essays, reports or nursing essays
  • Also, some additional services are mentioned: doing Powerpoint, editing papers, help with speech writing

One thing that each of these services has in common refers to the highly-prepared professional writers that are going to take on to the tasks set to them. They are presented in terms of being experts in various fields, as well as in multiple writing formats. The range which these writers go through is from being able to use language specific to high school students all the way to MBA or PhD literates.

One of the downsides is that customers can’t really choose a particular writer based on the resume, or on samples submitted, meaning you’re stuck with the style and experience of that which the site automatically assigns

Another strange thing is that the site doesn’t give any example of a specific writer, doesn’t present any sort of resume for the writers employed, which would make a potential customer trust that the given task is truly in the hands of an expert in the field that the paper makes reference to. This peculiarity, combined with the no refund policy, could definitely raise the alarm for most users.


The cost of any paper is calculated based on 3 factors: the number of pages/words required, the academic level to write at and on how pressing the deadline is. Thus, the most urgent essays require at least 5 hours and are the most expensive, going from 33.99 USD per page, for high school level, to 79.99 USD for each page written at a Doctoral level.

The least expensive options are those due in 30 days, a customer having to pay $11.99 for each page of a high school task, to $27.99 for doctoral level assignment. These prices also include some free services, such as the title and reference pages, choosing the necessary formatting style, getting a plagiarism report and having unlimited revisions until the task fits the expressed indications.

WritersPerHour also hands out two discounts:

  • For the first order, customers receive 15% off
  • Regular clients have a 20% discount for their submitted requests

The price is a real issue, as it seems pretty steep, definitely being above the average of this domain of activity. The fact that they actually state having the lowest price in the market is an actual problem, seeming as false advertising and making us wonder what else is not according to their own statements.


The banking methods available for paying the asked-for papers are:

  • E-wallets represented solely by PayPal
  • Credit cards, where there is a wider array, accepting cards branded Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover


On this aspect, there are some red flags raised when browsing through the Writerspehour reviews available. There are two contrasting opinions that circulate among users, with completely opposite feedback given. There seems to be no middle ground, as users say they are either completely disappointed, either entirely happy with the services provided. This is a normal reaction, as it’s a subjective opinion, however, the alarm signal goes on when we don’t hear about any neutral voices, or some to acknowledge both pros and cons, making us wonder about the veracity of the feedback gathered from customers.

The same question marks appear when going through the testimonials on the site itself: the first four opinions are completely against the site, mentioning a poor customer support service and low quality of the papers. Also, the testimonials finish abruptly in the mid-phrase and there is no way to find out what the user actually had to say. This changes drastically after these first unsatisfied customers, everybody having only praise for the service, with nothing to reproach and hand out, almost without exception, 5 stars mention of the excellent experience. We’d like it a lot if such a prompt and complete turnover would have happened in reality, but we maintain our reserves on the matter.

Customer Service

There are several ways to contact the customer support representatives, but unfortunately, none of them are available 24 hours. The operators are available on live chat, via phone, or email. These services only function between 10AM and 5PM, which is, in fact, a short window, especially for those who attend classes during this period. Furthermore, given that the site operates in the New York time zone, but it addresses customers from Europe and Australia, as well, it reduces in a great manner the period in which customer support can be reached.

Website Usability

The website is pretty user-friendly and the better part of the necessary information is easy to find, even though, as shown before, there are some data that are completely absent on the site. The main page presents an extended presentation of the offered services and a detailed description of what the website stands for. Also, there are two fast links towards the login into the account section and to the quick order form.

The website’s menu has shortcuts to different sections, such as: the benefits of using the WriterPerHour services, FAQ, prices, samples of papers, blog and contact info. These make it pretty straightforward to navigate the website.

Pros and Cons


  • Organized privacy policy
  • User-friendly interface and easy to navigate website
  • Extended array of services
  • Price depending on the academic level required
  • Discounts for first order and for loyal clients
  • Banking methods include PayPal


  • Company’s history and credentials not mentioned
  • Biased testimonials
  • Highly contradicting users’ feedback
  • Price in the above-average interval
  • Unable to select a specific writer
  • Customer service unavailable 24/7 

The impact of a bad designed home page, abundant in information, is sufficient to get people not interested in digging deeper into the subject. And the detailed recollection of their services is precisely what anyone with a paper to write would like to see. However, going deeper than the first impression, we’ve found several inconsistencies: both in the presentation of their work and referring to the quality of provided papers.

As such, the fact that we get no recollection of the owner-company is troublesome, probably it’s just another scam. The mention of having the lowest prices in the market is a grave slip up we can’t get over, especially since we found it to be far from the truth. This aspect has us inclined to believe the negative feedbacks of former customers, rather than those praising the excellency of this service, with a handful being obviously biased in favor.

There are other negative traits that pile on, out of which the precarious customer service stands out and convinces us to give a very bad recommendation of WritersPerHour, or at least a signal of using the other service and stay away from this one.

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